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If you'd like to link to an online picture try this:

When you go to eBay or any other site and you see an image you'd like to include with your posting do the following.

1) Move your mouse cursor over the photo.
2) Click on the right mouse button
3) A Menu should appear including the word "Properties"
4) Left button click on "Properties" and a window should open with the title "Element Properties"
5) Included in the Element Properties window is "Location:"
6) Move your mouse cursor to the beginning of the Location URL. It starts with "http://".
7) Hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right until you highlight the entire address.
8) Find the keys on your keyboard for "Ctrl" (Control) and the letter "C". Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time.
9) Now you have a copy of the address in your "clipboard" memory which you can "paste" to another location.
10) Now come to the message board and write your message. At the bottom of the message posting form you'll see a box titled "Optional Image URL:" Put your mouse cursor in the box with the letters "http://" and click on your left mouse button.
11) Click on the "Backspace" key until http:// is completely gone. Your cursor should be at the far left of the little box.
12) Find the "Ctrl" key again and this time the "V" key. Now press "Ctrl" and "V" at the same time and the address you copied earlier should be entered in the Optional Image URL: box.
13) Post or preview your message and the image should appear at the bottom of message.

Tell me if you have any problems.

Jim Martin

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