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63rd Tenn, flag - issue corrections


I have all of my TN files at the state museum for the book on Tennessee flags that I am doing.

I want to correct some errors here.

The 17th/23rd Tennessee lost a Hardee flag at Petersburg and this was replaced by an ANV battle flags AFTER this one was taken. This Hardee flag is at the MOC today.

The 25th/44th Tennessee also lost a Hardee flag in this similar time frame AND a First National flag a bit later. Both have WD numbers. The First National is in private hands and the Hardee was returned to Tennessee in 1905 but is missing.

There were NO ANV flags issued from Longstreet's Corps prior to Knoxville nor were there any issued until after the corps got back to Virginia and in the supply lines of the Richmond Depot. All of the Tennessee regiments that had been under Bushrod Johnson's command came East with Hardee pattern battle flags. There were no Tennessee regiments organic to Longstreet's Corps before Johnson's Brigade was attached to them.

The soonest that any of these regiments, including the 63rd Tennessee of Gracie's Brigade, would have gotten any ANV flags was April, 1864. Gracie's Brigade seemed to have a hodge-podge of flag styles before this time.

Also - the 13th New Hampshire captured two flags, one of which rests at the Atlanta History Center today. There is a cliam that this flag is also an ANV flag for the 63rd Tennessee. After studious research, this flag is NOT a Tennessee flag but rather the flag of either Sturdivant's VA Battery or the 26th Virginia Infantry. Both of these flags were taken at the same time by the 13th NH and as the flags were unmarked it is not known what the AHC has. The unit history of the 13th NH states this quite clearly.

I will be covering these in the Tennessee flags book.

Greg Biggs

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