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Re: 63rd Tenn, flag - issue corrections

I looked in my files and I see the "44th Tennessee" lost a flag or flags to the 6th Michigan Cav at Sailor's Creek. This is most likely the "ANV" flag you mentioned.

Here is all Tennessee flags I found on the microfilm last summer. I have today off and will head over to the National Archives and and record all Tennessee flags the War Department has listed. I think it will be the same as the microfilm found at the LOC, but I could be wrong.

1st Tennessee--Captured at Gettysburg, by the 14th Connecticut.

1st Tennessee Battalion--Captured by the 13th New York on June 27th, 1862.

7th Tennessee---61st Pennsylvania captured the flag at Petersburg, April 2nd, 1865. (1st National, Stars and Bars)

The MOC did "research" on these Tennessee flags, as they claim in the catalog. IE, "63rd Tenn".

Why would the MOC print those Tennessee flags if they are wrong? Was the War Department wrong identifying them?

This just as me curious to what other flags the MOC and War Department have labeled wrong.

Have a good morning, thanks for the help!!!


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