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OK Chaps,

The boys on the Authentic-Campaigner said this was the place to ask my question!

I started what I thought was going to be a basic research project and it has snowballed out of control, so I am turning to the general forum at large for direction.

The questions concern the smaller flags used by infantry to include "Camp Colors" "Guides" and "Markers"...most sources say they are one in the same, but with very basic research it is VERY clear they are not! SO when does the army start using all three? When are "Camp Colors" used and why? And I have a description for pre-1862 and the 1863 version...AND the 1885 version...are there any SERIOUS flag historians I might contact to see what differences there might be between 1863-1885? What about 1847-1862 era?

Before 1862 I can not find a reference to anything but "camp colors", but during the war and after we have all three. What I am MOST in need of is information on all three in the period of 1866-1883 if possible, ANY help will be appreicated.

Chris Fischer
Fort McKavett State Historic Site

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