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Re: Color Guard questions/ Camp flag of the 28th N

I will give it a try - am sure additional information will be provided. There are some web sites with the proper procedures for this, but seem not to be able to find them right now.

I have read of the ceremony in which the color guard goes and retrieves the colors from the colonel commanding the regiments. I assume, from this reading, that the colors were kept by the regimental commander, unless needed, i.e., dress parades, or on campaign. Is that true? - - - The Regimental Commander is responsible for the Colors of the regiment. At such time as the regiment is to parade or march, the color guard is formed, marches to the Commanders tent, recieves the colors, and with the adjutant march to the area where the regiment will be formed. The adjutant 'posts' the colors, and the companies of the regiment form on the colors. At the end of the activity, parade, march, etc. the regiment is dismissed, and the adjutant marches the color guard back to the Cammanders tent, where they are 'returned' to the Commander.

Did the color guard camp together with the color company? - - - Not necessarily. The Color Guard is made up of stalwart men of the Regiment, and could be drawn from all companies. They are not 'part' of any one company. Depending on the activity, one day Company B could be the color company, and another Company K could be. The color guard would either camp together or go back to their home companies.

What happened in 1864 when the rank of ensign was created? Did the color sergeant, now a lieutenant, camp with the other field and staff members? Is it conceivable that he now had permanent possession of the flag? - - - Going to pass on this


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