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Re: A of T Battle Flag.

I would suspect that the unit consolidations that took place after
Hood's disaster in Tennessee negated the need for replacement flags.
In any event, not much of the A. of T. made it to the Carolinas.
Did the Augusta Depot provide flags to the units in North Carolina?
We may never know the answer to that question. Given the state of
Southern Railroads at that time, I would guess that it did not.
I know of only one Augusta Depot 1864 issue flag that was captured
at Bentonville. It resides at the North Carolina State Museum, identified
as belonging to the 40th NC (14.263.1). However, that unit never served
in the Army of Tennessee. A probable identification being the 47th Georgia.
It may just be a coincidence that this flag was captured by Michigan troops
and returned to NC sometime before 1914.
It is unfortunate that the descendants of the captor of this newly discovered
flag cannot confirm his regiment or the place of capture. Harder, yet, to
understand is why this man's record cannot be tracked down.
If genuine, the flag could have been captured anywhere and anytime after
April 1864 and for that matter by anyone!! Perhaps we are trying to track
down the wrong man!!


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