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Regarding the following:

>>>>am doing some research for a future living history group. I am looking for flags of the 8th,25th,44th,28th and the 84th Regiments.>>>>

8th Tennessee - First National flag, silk, with crossed cannons and "Perryville" battle honors - private collection

25th Tennessee - no flags located today

25th/44th Tennessee Consolidated - ANV flag, WD 344 - captured at Petersburg, April, 1865 - Museum of the Confederacy

- Hardee flag - WD 145, captured at Petersburg, June, 1864 - now missing

- ANV flag, captured at Drewry's Bluff, May, 1864 - private collection

44th Tennesssee - First National flag - WD 499, Sailor's Creek capture (this was used to replace the 3 flags above) - private collection

28th Tennessee - no flags located

84th Tennessee - no flags located

I am writing the book on Tennessee's Civil War flags for the state museum that will be due out in late 2009. I have pictures for all of the existing flags above but am not at liberty to share them until the book comes out. You can contact the MOC for the flag they hold about securing an image for their fee structure.

Hope this helps.

Greg Biggs

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