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Re: ANV artillery flags with white honors

Ben and all,

The Richmond National Battlefield has the ANV flag with white honors for Garber's Staunton Virginia Battery. This was part of the artillery battalion for Jubal Early's Division, 2nd Corps. I laos have its flag requisition and it is dated December 24, 1863.

I have been going through my Virginia artillery files and have a few more things to add:

1) the flags in questions seem to all be infantry sizes

2) The were issued between October and December, 1863 - mostly the latter it seems. I have several QM requsitions forms for these flags with these dates. One is for the five batteries of Brown's Battalion, 2nd Corps Reserve Artillery and is dated December.

3) One at least had the dark blue battle honors on it - WD 141 - Tanner's VA Battery (Courtney/Henrico Artillery) - 2nd Corps, Early's Division

Some flags I have with white honors or issued in late 1863 are:

1) Charlottesville Artiillery - WD 127, issued December 24, 1863 based on the requisition I have.

2) I have a requisition for one "CS flag" for LTC Carter's Artillery Battalion - Rodes' Division, 2nd Corps. I interpret this as its Second National HQ flag.

3) King William Artillery - WD 132 (MOC) - Rodes' Division 2nd Corps

4) Bachmann's Battery - German Artillery - South Carolina - Charleston UDC Museum - cut and sewn white cotton letters - Hood's Division, 1st Corps

Hope this was of interest.

Greg Biggs

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