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"new" confederate monument at Pt. Lookout

I am not sure if anyone has posted about this before, but I live in St. Marys County, Maryland, the site of Pt. Lookout Prison for Confederates. My county was very southern politically, and sent many troops to the 2nd Md (Confed) regiment.
The U.S. Government established a nice memorial outside the area of the prison many years ago. There is an tall obelisk in the center with a partial listing of the prisoners that died at its base. Estimates are that more than 4,000 died there, mostly from disease, starvation and exposure.
In more recent times, the Pt. Lookout survivors association wanted to fly the Confederate flag there on the grounds of the Federal monument, during the Confederate Memorial Day. The government refused permission.
So, the survivors association raised funds and bought land adjacent to the Federal Government's monument. This new monument has all the Confederate national flags, as well as all the flags of the seceding states, as well as the border states that had troops in the Confederate military.
The sculpture in the center depicts a southern soldier prisoner. Right behind him, in the center, is a very large Confederate Flag, on a very tall pole.
It was last summer when I was down there, and I do not recall if it was a national flag or the ubiquitous western battle flag.
Considering that all this was done with private funds, I think the memorial is very well done.
I did not capture all the flags that were depicted due to the necessity of a wide angle lens.