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The regimental flag is held in the Confederate Flags collection in the Georgia State Capitol Collection.

The flag is a First Confederate National, Stars and Bars measuring 45" on the staff and 70" on the fly (excluding the 1" fringe, made of silk.

In the blue canton are 10 - 4" diameter 5 point stars, set in a circle of 20" diameter. Within the star circle are the words

11th Regiment




I quote from a description in the collections document: "This flag was made in the spring of 1861 for the Walton Infantry, which became Company H. The men's mothers, wives, and girlfriends lovingly sewed the banner. In a ceremony on the courthouse lawn in the town of Monroe, young Hester Felker presented it, and 24-year-old Henry McDaniel accepted the gift on behalf of the company. When the 11th Georgia Infantry was organized, its members chose this flag as the regimental color. . .

According to Walton County historian Anita Sams:

"When the Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn in Monroe was dedicated June 1, 1907, sentimental veterans requested a re-enactment of the 1861 flag ceremony. Once again Hester Felker, then Henry McDanie's wife, presented the cherished relic to him. This time their six-year old grandson, Hen McDaniel Tichenor, was on hand to hold aloft the historic banner."

Tichenor's descendants donated the flag to the State of Georgia in 1975.

Postwar McDaniel served as governor of Georgia in the mid-1880s.


Henry D. McDaniel

Residence Walton County GA; Enlisted on 7/3/1861 as a 1st Lieutenant. On 7/3/1861 he was commissioned into "H" Co. GA 11th Infantry

He was listed as:
* Wounded 7/10/1863 Funkstown, MD
* POW 7/12/1863 Hagerstown, MD
* Released 7/25/1865 Johnson's Island, OH

* Qtr Master 7/15/1861
* Capt 8/29/1862 (And AQM)
* Major 11/8/1862


11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry

11th Infantry Regiment, organized in the spring of 1861, contained men from Hall, Lee, Fannin, Houston, Gilmer, Murray, Walton, and Quitman counties. Sent to Virginia, the unit first served in the Potomac District, then was assigned to General G.T. Anderson's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It fought in the various campaigns of the army from Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, except when it was with Longstreet at Suffolk, in Georiga, and at Knoxville. The unit did not participate in the Battle of Chickamauga. After taking part in the Petersburg siege south and north of the James River, it was active in the conflicts around Appomattox Courthouse. It contained 573 effectives in April, 1862, had 140 at Sharpsburg, and lost sixty-five percent of the 310 engaged at Gettysburg. From April 14 to May 6, the regiment sustained 110 casualties, and from August 1 to December 31, 1864, there were 51 disabled. It surrendered with 16 officers and 176 men. The field officers were Colonels George T. Anderson and Francis H. Little; Lieutenant Colonels Theodore L. Guerry and William Luffman; and Majors Charles T. Goode, Henry D. McDaniel, and Western R. Welsh.


The U. S. Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Pa, list these documents in their regimental bibliography:

Title: 11th Georgia Infantry Regiment
laf Jul 95

11th Georgia Infantry Regiment

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Unit roster.

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The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:

Pyle, David A. - WWISurvey-19thCenturyColl
Slappey, Pansey Aiken - CWTIColl

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