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Hi Keith and Gregg
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Well, I figured out the (5th) flag captured at Drewry's Bluff. Charles, who is on here, did an excellent job finding the first four. The last flag I had always believed was the "9th New Jersey." They held the extreme right of the Union line.

I found something that Kemper's brigade brought in the Massachusetts AND...New Jersey flag! I about jumped for joy, and only the 9th New Jersey was in that area. I am convinced now that last flag was probably the State Flag. Unless the National had "9th New Jersey on it." I believe it was the "State Flag."

As far as the 6th Michigan Cav, losing a "Stars and Stripes" guidon at Falling Waters. Major Weber was in command and he was the one that mortally wounded General Pettigrew. Of the 86 Union soldiers that charged, only 3 got away. But my question is who captured the "Stars and Stripes" guidon??

Maybe Archer/Fry's brigade? (I'm always out on the look for your Tennessee flags, Gregg.)

I am moving on to all of the cavalry, Forrest, Stuart, Wheeler, Hampton, etc. Forrest captured many flags but confusing with per say 8 different Union cav regiments and 3 flags were captured from that group.

Anyone know of a great book on General Wheeler? I have seen and read many books on Stuart, Forrest, Hampton, but not much on Wheeler. Curious to the flags he captured during the Chickamauga campaign. Only 2 of 18, I have found...

Well I will bring my sleeping bag to the Library of Congress, lol. I could spend several lives in there and never find them all.

Gentlemen, keep up the hunt, i'm not going to stop.

Have a good evening,

Shawn Prouty

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