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12th Alabama Flag

This may have been posted here before, but I thought it may be of interest to those that haven't seen it.

April 15, 1863, p. 2, c. 3


To His Excellency, John Gill Shorter,

Governor of the State of Alabama:

We, the undersigned, having been appointed a Committee by the officers of the 12th Alabama Regiment, to request that the old colors of the Regiment be placed among the archives of the State, herewith transmit you by the hands of Lieut. Macon, 5th Ala. Regiment, the torn and tattered battle flag of the Twelfth Alabama, the banner that has so long pointed us on to victory, under which we have marched and fought, and fought and marched, under which his last look straining towards it cross of stars, many a heroic Alabamian has freely sealed his devotion with his blood.

It carries with it our memories of the bloody, historic past, of the toilsome march, the lonely picket, the hasty bivouac, the skirmish, the battle, the victory memories sweet, though saddened by the remembrance that too many gallant leaders and brave men it was not permitted to join in our triumphant shout.

How many have fallen under it, let our lists of killed and wounded attest: Seven Pines, Cold Harbor, Boonsboro, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, be ye our silent, faithful witnesses! Under it, when for the first time it was given to the battle breeze, fell our noble gallant Colonel, R. T. Jones, whose last command "Forward," himself lived not to execute, of whom the officer and the gentleman, we, his State and his country may be justly proud.

Under it at Boonsboro fell, mortally wounded, Col. B. B. Gayle, who, though young in years, was old in gallantry and courage.

Under it at Sharpsburg fell Capt. Exton Tucker, commanding the regiment, bravely urging forward his command, both by word and example.

Not willingly do we part with it. Every stain upon it is dear to us, every soil has its incident, every tatter is a glorious memento of the past. Associations cluster thick around. For more than twelve months it has been to us the symbol of our country's wrongs, her liberties, her independence.

But into your hands, as the representative of the Commonwealth of Alabama, we cheerfully entrust it, satisfied that it will be guarded as it assuredly deserves to be, that future generations may gain new courage and resolution while gazing upon its battle-stained folds.

Col. S. B. Pickens, Chairman.

Capt. J. W. McNeely, Co. F.

Capt. H. W. Cox, Co. B.

Capt. J. J. Nicholson, Co. I.



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