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Mr. Gregg Biggs

I came across a "Google Book" site called "1861 VS. 1862" by Private Samuel R. Watkins of the 1st Tennessee Regiment.

He wrote that he captured a Union flag, found on the ground at the battle of "Bald Hill" on July 22nd, 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign.

Here is the site:

Look at page 170.

Watkins wrote, "I have never seen so many battle-flags left indiscriminately upon the battle-field." "I ran over twenty in the charge."

He was promoted Fourth Corporal for picking up one of the Union flags. He was in Cheatham's division, commanded by General John C. Brown when Cheatham was the Corps Commander. General George Maney was the brigade commander. Watkins's wrote "We advanced on Cleburne's left."

I do have a number of Union flags captured at the battle, when I get back I will compare brigades to see what Union brigade was in front or near Maney's brigade.

Have a good morning, Gregg

Shawn Prouty