The Florida in the Civil War Message Board

Holiday Greeting!

Well, it's that time of year again...

I just want to take this opportunity to say to all of our contributors, authors and visitors how thankful I am for the group that supports these sites by lending their knowledge, time and effort. If one scans the internet for "discussion sites", you will immediately find that there are many sites devoted to history, genealogy and the Civil War. Many of them do a good job, but many do not. They are simply sites for people to "electronically" and anonymously vent their anger, post SPAM and link to inappropriate sites.

Our discussion sites, here at History-Sites.Com are populated by mature, responsible and thoughtful amateur and professional historians and genealogists. Anyone who visits, for even a short period of time, realizes the quality of the discussion and the information disseminated. I'm really proud of the History-Sites.Com "community". We have created in our little corner of the internet, a real historical resource. I know there is information posted on the message boards that is new and revelatory. Questions are posted and answers found that, directly or indirectly, increase the pool of knowledge available for the history of the American Civil War and its participants.

In this coming year, I hope to expand and grow the sites with additional "dynamic" (message boards) and static material. Currently, a website devoted to the Indian Territory in the Civil War is under construction. The sponsor of this website, is a highly respected amateur historian who is well-known in the Native-American history community. This gentleman, Ken Martin, with the message board's support is building a site with his own research and is also soliciting contributions from both amateur historians and published authors, while offering full acknowledgement, credit and promotion of their other works, if they are published authors. I have always hoped the message boards would be used as a gathering place and a vehicle to create new, high-quality, online material that enhances the online historical research experience. We will have more of these "projects" in the future and expand the scope of History-Sites.Com.

I look forward to seeing your postings in the coming year and I thank you again for your support and your understanding of the "spirit" of what we're attempting here at History-Sites.Com.

May each of you have the merriest of Christmases, happiest of New Years and Happy Holidays possible.

Thank you from History-Sites.Com.

Jim Martin