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Lynn Haven Monument to Union Veterans

Lynn Haven Monument to Union Veterans

"This monument is only one south of the Mason-Dixon Line honoring a Union soldier. It has been featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not."

1920's Biographical Sketches of Old Soldiers of Lynn Haven, Bay County, Florida
This one is particularly interesting:

"At the forninst of yer article," said Mr. (Frank)McSweeney, "be so good as to
tell the breathlessly awaitin' worrld that Frank McSweeney didn't win
the war all by himself. While the machinery av me recollection is fair
choked with the Pavins av the passin' years, I well raymimber me ould
frinds Grant, Sherman, Farragut, Dahlgren an' siveral others who
rindered me the most valuable assistance in me stoppenjus task. Barrin'
their help, 'twould have took me a full week longer to wind the dom'
thing up, no doubt. I mintion this,'" he countinued, "for I have no
wish to detract from the credit due the vast multitude av me noble
compatriots who licked the Rebel Army single-handed, as ye may aisy
find out by askin anny av 'em."

Officer: "Mr. (Frank) McSweeney,
it becomes my duty and privilege to present you with this token of
gratitude and admiration on the part of our great nation in recognition
of your heroic deed under the flaming guns of the enemy," etc..
Business of pinning medal on McSweeney.

McSweeney: "Sir, 'tis a beautiful bauble, an' it's proud I am to
receive this momento av me triflin' services, but i'd a dom' sight
rather the great an' grateful nation had raised me pension."

Officer: "Go to hell!"

"For," said McSweeney, "he had the bowels av a fightin' man an' well
knew how to ixpress his likin' for a bould' answer."