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Want to save a $100 on Ancestry.Com

I've been a subscriber to Ancestry.Com for several years. I use the subscription to help many of the people here on these message boards. Last year I renewed my U.S. Deluxe subscription for $99.95. The normal annual U.S. Deluxe membership is $155.95.

This year at renewal time, I couldn't find a "break" on an Ancestry.Com subscription and I just didn't want to pay $155.95.

Then I stumbled across something that saved me even more than the $50.00 I got off of my last year's subscription. I just got a one-year subscription to Ancestry.Com for $59.95.

Here's how it works. Ancestry.Com has a genealogy software named "Family Tree Maker". There is a special edition of this product called "Family Tree Maker 16 Collector's Edition". Go to this link and you'll see the product listed, Click Here!

Click on one of the links and read what's included with the product. It should say:

New! 1 Year Subscription to
The world's largest collection of family history information, is the ultimate resource for genealogy research. Features access to over 5 billion names, current and historical world images, records and much more. (Up to $360.00 Value!)

Just buy the software for $59.95 and included in the box are instructions to access the Ancestry.Com website and setup your new subscription.

Okay, so now I've saved you a $100.00 on your Ancestry.Com, plus you've gotten and outstanding Genealogy Software with Family Tree Maker, not to mention all the other extras in the Collector's Edition.

Your donations are welcomed!