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Joseph W. Morgan

Residence was not listed; 25 years old.
Enlisted on 9/1/1861 at McIntosh, FL as a Private.
On 9/1/1861 he mustered into "E" Co. FL 4th Infantry
(date and method of discharge not given)
He was listed as:
* Wounded 1/2/1863 Murfreesboro, TN (Severely wounded in head)
* Musician 10/20/1861
* 4th Sergt 11/1/1862 (Estimated date)
Other Information:
born 3/11/1836


John M. Morgan

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 9/1/1861 at McIntosh, FL as a Private.
On 9/1/1861 he mustered into "E" Co. FL 4th Infantry
He died of disease on 9/1/1862 at Chattanooga, TN
(Died at Academy Hospital)
He was listed as:
* Absent, sick 8/24/1862 Chattanooga, TN
* 4th Sergt 11/10/1861
Other Information:
born 7/13/1840

Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.:
- Soldiers of Florida in the ...Civil War...
- Biographical Rosters of Florida's Soldiers 1861-1865

Note: Their compiled service record cards are extremely difficult to decipher. The card describing Jopheph's wound at Murfreesboro is found in John's file.



Early in the spring of 1861 ten more companies of volunteers
were organized as the 4th Florida Regiment of Infantry and
mustered into service July 1, 1861, with Edward Hopkins of
Jacksonville, Fla., as Colonel; M. Whitsmith, Lake City, Fla.,
Lieutenant-Colonel; W. L. Bowen, as Major Lieut. Edward
Badger, Adjutant; Capt. James McCay, Quartermaster; Dr. W. S.
Weedon, Surgeon; J. M. Kilpatrick, Sergeant-Major; J. P.
McLaughlin, Quartermaster-Sergeant; and the following
companies and captains:
Capt. Charles A. Gee, Gadsden county, Co. A;
Adam W. Hunter, Franklin county, Beauregard Rifles, Co. B;
Capt. William H. Dial, Madison county, Co. C;
William A. Shefield, Columbia county, Co. D;
Thomas A. McGhee, Columbia and LaFayette counties, Co. E;
James P. Hunt, New River county, (Bradford), Co, F;
William Fletcher, Marion and Levy counties, Co. G;
W. F. Lane, Washington and Liberty counties, Co. H;
Joseph B. Barnes, Jackson county, Dixie Boys, Co. I;
John T. Leslie, Hillsborough county, Co. K.

Upon the completion of its organization the Regiment was
assigned to duty mainly on the Gulf coast, Companies D, E and
K being stationed at Tampa Bay; F at Cedar Keys; B. E and I at
St. Marks; Companies H and G at Fernandina until the
evacuation of that place March, 1862, when they were ordered
to Camp Langford near Jacksonville.

Details from Companies F and C, of the 2nd Florida under
command of Capt. Walter B. Moore, on July 4, 1861, took the
steamer Madison and captured three schooners loaded with
railroad irons, and Major Bowen in command of Tampa captured
two sloops with their crews.

In May, 1862, the Regiment was reorganized. J. P. Hunt was
elected Colonel; W. F. L. Bowen, Lieutenant-Colonel; and
Edward Badger Major. Colonel Hunt died September 1, 1862, at
Chattanooga, Lieutenant-Colonel Bowen becoming Colonel; Maj.
Edward Badger, Lieutenant-Colonel; and Capt. John T. Leslie
was promoted Major.

The 4th Regiment became a part of Bragg's Army, being assigned
to General Forrest's command; and in this command were engaged
at Nashville. On its return to Murfreesborough the Regiment
went into camp and remained until late in December, 1862.

On the morning of December 28, 1862, it was ordered to the
Lebanon Pike, where it engaged the enemy. On the afternoon of
December 28 the 1st, 3rd and 4th Florida were brigaded under
Gen. William Preston. This brigade and Palmer's were the last
of General Breckenridge's command transferred to the west side
of Stone River December 31, and made the final and
unsuccessful assault on the Federal center. The 1st and 3rd
Florida, under Col. William Miller, gained the cedar brake so
prominent in that action; and the 4th, under Colonel Bowen,
advanced as far but with much heavier loss. In the engagement
the 4th lost 55 killed and wounded. It captured 250 rifles
from the enemy.

Ordered back to the east side of the river it was again with
Breckenridge January 2, 1863, where it did splendid service;
being the last regiment to leave the field and made a gallant
fight to save the brigade battery, sustaining heavy loss.
First Lieut. S. D. Harris, commanding Co. I, was mortally
wounded and left on the field. Sergt. L. N. Miller and Adj.
C. C. Burke were also wounded. In this battle,
Murfreesborough, the 4th, 458 strong, lost 163 killed and
wounded, and 31 missing.

In May, 1863, the brigade, under Gen. M. A. Stovall, was
transferred to Mississippi, under General Johnston, to relieve
Vicksburg. On July 1 General Johnston reported that "a party
of skirmishers of the 1st, 3rd and 4th Florida, 47 Georgians
and Cobb's Battery struck the enemy's flank and captured 200
prisoners and the colors of the 28th, 45th and 53d Illinois

On September 20 the 1st, 3rd and 4th, still with General
Stovall, took part in the battle of Chickamauga and again were
distrenched. At the battle of Missionary Ridge the 4th
carried in 172 men, and all except 18 were either killed,
wounded or captured.

At Dalton, on February 23, 1864, the 4th was consolidated with
the 1st Cavalry, dismounted, which had lost all its field
officers, and of 200 men engaged at Missionary Ridge only 33
effective men were left. The consolidated 1st and 4th took
part in all the campaigns until the final surrender in North
Carolina at the close of the war.

On June 9, 1862 the 4th Regiment mustered 926 men and 47
officers; on April 26 it surrendered 23 men.

Source: Soldiers of Florida in the ... Civil War ... page 118

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