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General Sherman's Bulldog Mascot

Just received forward email from fellow Civil War buff about a bulldog that become a mascot of sort for General Sherman's Company K of the 4th Division. 15th Army corps. Captain George Nelson of Company K had a nephew, Richard Reed from Ft. Wayne,Indiana join him as a recruit. The boy brought pet bull dog him and became camp pet. After an explosion the mascot was missing and thought dead. Reed was killed. One day later 20th Corps passed the 15th enroute to get supplies in Galesboro, N.C. They had the mascot but refused to give back to Company K. Orderly J.B McGuire wrote order for return of the bull dog to Company K. After order was signed by Captain, Colonel, Brigade, Division, Corps, and Department Commander the dog was returned to the boys of Company K. The dog made the march from Raleigh, NC, to Washington, DC, and passed down Pennsylvania Avenue on review. After the unit was mustered out and discharged Capt. Nelson took bull dog back to Ft. Wayne, Indianna and left him with Richard Reed's mother. The dog was given to a neighbor boy who kept him until he died of old age.
This information mentions the National Tribune from Editor October 5, 1917. Also, there's reference made to a George H. Johnson, Comapany K, 12th Indiana, Soldiers' Home, Danville, Illinois.

I'm looking for more information on this bull dog(name, photo, etc,) If anyone who frequents this message board and knows more about this Civil War bulldog mascot, please email me. Thank you.

Paul Cameron, Commander
Sons of Civil War Union Veterans
St. James Camp-Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

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