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Cassville, Georgia Hospitals March 1864

I transcr9ibed these s best I could. If you notice an error or correction let me know,. the lay out is pulled from Excel but it all seems to work.

List of Soldiers Returned to Duty From Cassville, Georgia March 1864

Name Rank Regiment Company Remarks
Johnson M.R. Private 6th Texas A March 26th 1864
Weeks John Private 4th Florida K March 26th 1864
Taylor J Private 34th South Carolina G March 26th 1864
Arrington J C Private 15th Texas I March 26th 1864
Bailey M Private 7th Texas D March 26th 1864
Anderson R R Private 66th North Carolina B March 24th 1864
Taylor W Private 32nd Alabama I March 24th 1864
Hendricks J M Private 40th Georgia I March 24th 1864
Lott J F Private 36th Alabama B March 24th 1864
Gardener E.M. Private 24th Mississippi F March 26th 1864
Lee Daniel E Private 41st Georgia C March 26th 1864
Williams Hiram Private 8th Mississippi G March 26th 1864
Walker James Private 65th Georgia H March 26th 1864
Baugh E J Private 30th Georgia I March 26th 1864

A J China Assistant surgeon in Charge Cassville Georgia March 27th 1864
Alexander Hunter Surgeon in charge

List of Sick Received at Cassville,Georgia March 27, 1864
Name Rank Regiment Company Complaint Remarks
Royal A. J. Private 7th Texas A Opthalomia cunjunctavits
McCravy M P Private 38th Alabama G Febris Remittens aka Malaria
O'Neal J W Private 36th Georgia Battery B Dropsy edema
Lewis W S Sergeant 24th South Carolina B Febris Remittens
Bryant R E Private 24th South Carolina E Anasarca edema
Barrett H Private 63rd Virginia E Febris Remittens
Gaddis C C Private 65th Georgia K Febris Remittens
Bailey H C Private 60th North Carolina D Diaharhea
Bryant J R Private 66th Georgia H Chronic Diaharhea No Date Listed
Eason J F Private 37th Georgia F Wounded
Carroll N H Private 7th Texas A Scurvy
Williams M Private 26th Georgia Battalion B Rubeola Measles
Homes Nathan Private 63rd Virginia A Scrofula Swelling of Lymph nodes(typhus)
Presly J Private 38th Alabama E Rubeola
Harvill M Private 58th North Carolina L Rubeola
Bynum B L Private Howells Battery Rubeola
Caudell A E Private Howells Battery Rubeola
Friday L R Private 20th Alabama A Diaharhea
Harper E W Segeant 20th Alabama J Pnuemonia
Burks David Private 1st Georgia Battalion I Febris Remittens
Arnold George W Private 25th Alabama E Pnuemonia
Gossett E S Private 23rd Alabama I Pnuemonia
Edmondson M Private 20th Alabama H Rubeola
Anthony F B Private 37th Georgia E Erysifalas
Smith Alphos Private 66th Georgia H Diaharhea No Date Listed
Peacock J W Private 33rd Alabama B Rubeola
Thorn G W Private 8th Georgia Battalion B Dyspepsia
Dunn Thomas Private 19th South Carolina ? Debility
Lewis S L Private 30th Alabama C Debility
Olendorff J G Private 6th Texas D Hernia
Barker A M Private 31st Alabama D Diaharhea
Brown R R Private 31st Alabama A Wounded
Allen R J Captain 5th Georgia E Irsphemalis
Moore George Private 40th Alabama D Chronic Diaharhea
McKinney H Private 39th Alabama E Pnuemonia
Nail Thomas Private 5th Mississippi A Febris Remittens
McConnell S A Captain 8th Georgia Battalion F Anasarca
McKinney J Private 2nd Arkansas B Wounded
Matthews J P Private 2nd Arkansas H Wounded
Caloe S F Private 46th Georgia A Diaharhea
Hardmann R D Private 36th Georgia F Anasarca
Cuzzord Columbus Private 65th Georgia F Diaharhea
Slocoumb R E Private 34th Alabama F Diaharhea
Prescott Chris Private 28th Alabama H Diaharhea
Kean R B Private 38th Alabama A Wounded
Swint M W Private 22nd Georgia G Pnuemonia
Williams William Private 38th Alabama A Dropsy
Roberts G W Sergeant 28th Alabama K Febris Remittens
Smith R E Private 16th South Carolina F Pnuemonia
Herren Charles Private 1st Georgia Sharpshhoters B Pnuemonia
Barnes W F Private 36th Alabama A Pnuemonia
Wagner George G Private Waddells Artillery A Rubeola
Stewart D Private 36th Georgia L Febris Remittens
Nichols H H Private 37th Tennessee E Rubeola
Tally John M Corporal 38th Alabama G Pnuemonia
Hart James F Lieutenant 1st Florida F Nephritis
Toff David Private 60th Georgia I Diaharhea Admitted March 26th 1864
George Negro Boy Belongs to Captain Mitchell 3rd Tennesee Admitted March 26th 1864

List of Soldiers Furloughed From Cassville, Georgia March 21 1864
Name Rank Regiment Company Date Remarks
Cravy T B Private 38th Alabama K March 25 1864 60 Days
Jeffers James Private 25th Alabama A March 25 1864 60 Days
Smith Joseph Private 38th Alabama E March 25 1864 60 Days
Waters E N Private 40th Georgia C March 25 1864 60 Days
McKenny Allex Private 40th Georgia F March 25 1864 60 Days
Borrell William H Private 16th South Carolina H March 25 1864 60 Days
Morris James Private 30th Alabama H March 261864 60 Days

List of Sick Received at Cassville,Georgia March 11 1864
Name Rank Regiment Company Complaint Remarks
Champion L B Private 31st Alabama C Jaundice No Date Listed No D L
Lancaster J W Private General Stewarts E Febris Intermittens
Johnson Hoodoon Private 5th Kentucky C Wounded
Dickey S. W. Sergeant 18th Alabama G Fistula
Mason T Private 22nd Alabama B Rubeola
Melear L C Private 31st Alabama I Diarrhea
Bruce R J Private Whites Battery Ef of Vac No Date Listed No D L
Burch Thomas Private 7th Arkansas I Syphilis
Bruton W. H. Sergeant 6th Tennessee H Chronic Diarrhea
Black Jessee Private 58th Noirth Carolina L Anascara
Russell John L Private 10th C S Cavalry E Debility
Croft V R Private 22nd Alabama D Chronic Diarrhea
Demony Lewis Private 38th Alabama G Diarrhea
Frost J B Private 7th Texas K Rubeola
Hall W P Private Howells Battery Rubeola No Date Listed No D L
Norris William Sergeant 58th Noirth Carolina G Rubeola
Sanford C R Private 51st Alabama Rubeola No Date Listed No D L
Marshall William W Private 7th Texas A Rubeola
Taylor J W Corporal 7th Texas K Rubeola
Norton Thomas E Sergeant 39th Alabama G Rubeola
Linch Jones Private 2nd Tennessee D Rheumatism
Morgan W P Private 7th Texas K Pnuemonia No Date Listed No D L
Bowlin Thoma s Private 15 & 37th Tennessee F Rheumatism
Snorm S C Private 2nd Georgia K Pnuemonia No Date Listed No D L
Heatherford James Private 24th Texas F Chronic Diarrhea
Edwards J W Private 1st Georgia Sharpshooters C Diarrhea
Fowler D Private 4th Confederate Tennessee D Chronic Diarrhea
Gresham J W Private 31st Alabama C Wounded
Whiffield W H Private 38th Alabama E Febris Remittens
Smith Joseph Private 39th Alabama E Febris Remittens No Date Listed No D L
Simmons J H Private 41st Mississippi K Diarrhoea
Hensley John Private 58th North Carolina G Erysapelas
Scott John L Private Engineer Corps Erysapelas
Colley J C Private 7th Texas K Rheumatism
Altmon L Private 7th Florida E Nephritis No Date Listed No D L
Ellington J W Private 5th Kentucky C Rheumatism
Ball S G Private 26th Tennnesee I Fracture
W G Williams
Acting Assistant Surgeon in Charge
Reception Ward Newsome Hospital