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Cassville Georgia Hospital May 1864

List of Sick and Wounded Sent to Hopsital Atlanta, Georgia May 8th 1864 from Cassville, Georgia
Name Rank Regiment Company Remarks
Wade William Private 18th Georgia G
Barfield J M Private 1st Confederate Cavalry B
Coker J W Private 52nd Georgia K
William R Private 36th Alabama G
Sidles A P Private 19th Alabama I
Neil M C Private 24th Tennessee B
Ball S G Private 26th Tennessee I
Ratchfield Jacob Sergeant 26th Tennessee F
Cook J W Private 37th Alabama E
Elam J M Private 20th Alabama H
Isaac H M Private 58th North Carolina I
Payne J G Corporal 11th Tennesee G
Layton J A Private 58th Alabama H
Adams J W Private 28th Alabama A
Horn A H Private 39th Georgia H
Cooper A G Private 42nd Georgia I
Pate H Private 2nd Arkanasas A
Adcock A Private 8th Georgia Battalion B
Wilson F M Private 15th Arknanas E
Shoemaker H G Private 28th Alabama D
Fields J W Private 4th Floruida G
McCoy J R Private 40th Georgia C
Howard B E Private 2nd Arkansas C
Couch J S Private 43th Mississippi D
Martin G M Private 60th North Carolina F
Kean R B Private 38th Alabama A
Oliver J M Private 34th Mississippi F
Dolins N Private 50th Alabama A
Duffy Y? Private 7th Mississippi C
Adams A J Private 18th Alabama I
Sapp L K Private 10th Confederate Cavalary G
Buffington T Private 34th Mississippi D
Jonew W C Private 36th Alabama B
Shoulders William L Private 24th Tennesee H
Shore William Private 5th Arkanasas A
Peterson F M Private 1st Georgia Cavalry I
Hardin A J Private 7th Texas D
Travis Sanford Private 28th Alabama H
Crider William Private 37th Georgia I
Presley Julius Private 38th Alabama E
McNare William P Private 5th Alabama Cavalry L
Lang Richard Private 1st Florida Cavalry B
Williams J M Private 56th Georgia H
MCAlpin R A Private 58th Alabama G
Sullivan Leonard Sergeant Ist Arkansas I
Gidley Richard Private 30th Alabama B
Eason James F Private 37th Georgia F
Carico F H Private 63rd Virginia G
Smith Anderson Private 4th Florida I
Bryanr R E Private 34th South Carolina C
Rooker James Private 11th Tennessee E
Hall James G Private 23rd Alabama A
Atwood A Private 8th Mississippi C
Rogers S Private Scoggins Battery
Smithson A J Private 7th Texas
Ansall G W Private 35th Alabama
McDaniel William Private 15th Texas F
Bailey E B Private 34th South Carolina E
Singletary Gillanse Private 29th Georgia C
McRary J E Private 33rd Alabama E
Melton William Private 48th Alabama H
Callier S A Seregant 38th Georgia H
Bagley W M Private 43rd Georgia I
McCollum S M Private 32nd Alabama K
Hutto William Private 37th Alabama A
Miller John Private 8th Georgia Battalion F
Mabry William Private 54th Virginia G
Stewart J M Private 31st Alabama H
Rooney James Private 42nd Alabama I
Preston Ray Private 36th Alabama B
Martin George Sergeant 9th Texas Cavalry C
Malies L C Private 31st Alabama I
Burrell J W Private 24th Texas Cavalry H
Taylor J M Private 1st Confederate Cavalry G
Sowers S Private 34th Virginia F
William J D Private Jeffers Battery
Wilson D B Private 1st Florida B
Pugh J M Sergeant 54th Virginia A
Williams W D Private 30th Alabama F
Jones Wilis Private 33rd Alabama A
Fielding J J Private 1st Confederate Sharpshooters D
Fielding A J Private 1st Confederate Sharpshooters D