The Georgia in the Civil War Message Board

A. M. Alsobrooks Surgeon

Flewellen Hospitals

Cassville, Georgia

May 14, 1864

Surgeon Samuel Hollingsworth Stout

Medical Director Hospital

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir

I begin to submit the following statement for your consideration. I am home and have been fro five years past in very feeble health. I have a chronic affliction of the liver together with articular rheumatism. I am today and have been for several weeks unable to attend in the duties of my word in hospital fortunately we have only a few sick on hand. Did I not know from experience that a Southern climate is what my condition of health demands I would have thought of including these lines. As for the medical office at this post I could not be more pleasantly situated and my duties has been made interesting, instrumental and pleasing during my entire stay here. But my condition of health is such that I am forced to make such facts known to you that you may determine if any change could be made by sending me father South in this department I will enclose with this note the Certificate of Surgeon more a copy of which is on file in the Surgeon Generals Office January 22nd 1864. Dr Thorn Messers members the Corrys? of from my time in Tennessee who attended me in 1858 which I had a severe attack of typhoid fever and who has been my physician since up to the Beginning of this war advised me last winter when I met him in Richmond Virginia to quit the army as the only means of husbanding my shattered condition. this i said I could have do I will remain until my death in the service of my country.

I make this humble request hoping that something may be done for me you alone can determine to hither the interest of the government best be served in my present capacity or to form my health by sending me farther South hoping you will appreciate the motives activating me in making this request.

I Remain

Very Respectfully Yours

A. M. Alsobrook

Assistant Surgeon P.A.C S.

Outside of letter

Cassville May 14 1864

A M Alsobrooks

Asked to be transferred further South

But it is said that this man deserted?