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Kingston Confederate Soldiers

Kingston Confederate Soldiers
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SHS Samuel Hollingsworth Stout Records
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Unknown Died in Hospitals
Name Rank Unit Company death date Details
Adcock, William Private Kolbs Battery Alabama Light Infantry June 23 1864 NPS M374 Roll 1
Allen, Nelson Private 65th Regiment Georgia Infantry I 1864 LHR Habersham County, Georgia
Allen, Phillips Private 5th Regiment Georgtia Infantry F April 30, 1864 LHR Randolph County Georgia Cuthbert Rifles
Armstrong, James L Private 46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G October 3 1863 Thomas County, Georgia Seventeenth Patriots
Banks, Russell Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G March 27, 1864 Greene, Morgan and other counties, Georgia Died Chronic Diarrhoea
Barr, P Private 29th Regiment, Georgia Infantry K June 13, 1863
Battis, Ben Private 8th Arkanasas E May 1, 1864 SHS Cannot not confirm There was some Bettis in the 8th arkansas
Bell, W W Private April 11, 1864
Blackburn, A J Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry H March 23, 1864 NPS M226 Roll 5
Brackin W H Private 38th Alabama E March 22, 1864 NPS M374 Roll 5 Age 32
Bridges, A D Private 16th South Carolina F April 24 1864 16th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (Greenville Regiment) NPS M381 Roll 4
Brown, J Private 29th Regiment, Georgia Infantry K November 30, 1863 Thomas County, Georgia Seventeenth Patriots
Burris, Robert Private 10th South Carolina K August 12, 1863 Eutaw Volunteers(Charleston)
Bush, Thomas J Private 46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry D December 16, 1863 LHR Chattahoochee County, Georgia Chattahoochee Sentinels Died of meases
Chadwick, Harvey Private 8th Battalion Georgia D March 7, 1864
Clayton, Willis H Private 1st Arkansas G June 25 1864 NPS M376 Roll 5
Crawford, L M Private 31st Alabama K March 8 1864 SHS
Crosby, D Lovejoy Private 29th Mississippi D April 26 1864 NPS M232 Roll 24
Dowd, Charles Private 3rd Confederate B June 23 1864
Driscoll, Wahington T Private 43rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry E Feb 13, 1864 LHR Forsyth County Kellogg Rifles Died of Apoplexia Names spelled Driskell?
Edmondson, William Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry I March 25, 1864 LHR Bibb and Jones County Manham Infantry
England, James G Private 2nd Kentucky Cavalry C March 17, 1864 NPS M377 Roll 4
Furguson, James G Private 58th Alabama E March 23, 1864 SHS Possibly Company A Amanuel
Gillispie, John Private 2nd Tennesee Cavalry K March 21, 1864 SHS Could B John f 7th Battalion Tenn cav Co A
Green, John L Private 5th Georgia Cavalry F June 24 1864 NPS M374 Roll 21
Griffis John F Sergeant 38th Alabama Infantry Regiment H December 1, 1863 Bell Rifles
Haney, R J Private Reddys Cavalry Picketts Regiment H May 10, 1864 SHS Could not confim
Hanson, J B Private 8th Mississippi B May 21, 1864 SHS Could be jerome B
Heard, F A Private 3rd Battalion Artillery B March 10, 1864 SHS Shown as Artificer 20th Alabama Wadells
Hendricks, C A Private 42nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry K April 14, 1864 LHR Fulton County Georgia Calhoun Guards #2 Died of phthisisa
Hood, A A Corporal 31st Alabama H June 24 1864
Hopkins, G W Private 32nd Alabama K March 10, 1864 SHS Could be William G Hopkins 32nd Alabama Consolidated with the 58th
Johnson, M H Lieutenant 26th Regiment Tennessee Infantry June 25 1864 Possibly Marshal H 3rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Clack's) In Corp
Jones, Charles N Private 5th Kentucky F June 8 1864 NPS M377 Roll 7
Lane, John W Private 40th Regiment, Georgia Infantry A May 17, 1864 LHR Paulding County Georgia Died of wounds in hospital
McDonald, John A Private 6th Florida C June 10 1864 NPS M225 Roll 6
McGee, J Private 2nd Tennessee Regiment K April 5, 1864 43rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Gillespie's) (5th East Tennessee Volunteers)John MCgee?
Mitchell, William F Private 34th Georgia F May 13, 1864 NPS M226 Roll 43 Jackson County Jackson Farmers
Mock, Josiah M Private 47th Regiment, Georgia Infantry C D Aug 1863 LHR Bulloch County Georgia Bulloch Guards
Monterville, Marvin "Captain" Isreal Captain 19th Alabama Infantry E April 9, 1864 Died of Wounds After Chickamauga
Morgan , Thomas J Private 25th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G Sept 30, 1863 LHR Screven County Georgia Brown Light Infanty 1st Company G Wounded at Chickamauga September 19, 1863
Neal, Henry Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry D March 25 1864 LHR Bibb and Jones Counties Mangham Infantry
Newton, William H Private 25th Regiment, Georgia Infantry D October 26, 1863 LHR Screven County Ogeechee Rifles 1st Company D
North, Edward Private 29th Regiment, Georgia Infantry E December 31, 1863 LHR Clinch County Georgia Alapaha Guards
Parker, S J Private 40th Alabama C April, 7 1864
Perry, Hill O. H. Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry I January 7 or 8 1864 LHR Clarke, Madison and Other Counties, Georgia Died from Dropsy
Perryman, C C Private 30th Alabama A June 10 1864 NPS Mss Roll 35
Rivers, J T Private 29th, Georgia F April 21, 1864 LHR Thomas County, Georgia Thomasville Guards
Robbins, William B Private 25th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G Nov 1, 1863 LHR Screven County Georgia Brown Light Infanty 1st Company G
Robbinson, W. H. M. Private 46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry C Ocotber 23, 1863 LHR Muscogee County Muscogee Volunteers
Rose, J A Private 31st Georgia A May 10 1864 SHS Could not confirm
Rossee, Lewis D Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry F April 17 1864 LHR Putnam and Other Counties, Georgia Died of typhoid fever
Sailors, Moses Private Rowans Battery March 17, 1864 1864 Ritter's Company, Georgia Light Artillery NPS M226 Roll 53
Sawyer, James Private 45th Alabama I June 24 1864 NPS M374 Roll 39
Sellers, George W Private 51st Regiment, Georgia Infantry E December 13 1863 LHR Baker and Calhoun County Georgia Pochilta Guards
Sellers, Conrad or Cellus or Conrood Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry C January 1864 LHR Newton and Other Counties in Georgia Sent to hospital with fever.
Semler H Private 8th Mississippi D May 10 1864 FOLD3
Shields, F. M. Private 1st Missouri Battery June 25 1864 Could be Walsh's Company, Missouri Light Artillery or 1st Mo
Shields, Lille Berry or (Littleberry) Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry I January 12, 1864 LHR Clarke, Madison and Other Counties, Georgia Died from pneumonia
Shirley W Private 56th Georgia G May 3 1864 SHS Cannot confirm although there were 3 Shilrey /Shurley in the 56th
Simmons, Jesse M Sargeant 6th Florida K March 17, 1864 NPS M225 Roll 8
Slawson, Joel D Private 8th Mississippi D March 21, 1864
Smith, Abner Private 65th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G December 4, 1863 LHR Towns County Georgia
Sumner, Abner Private 32nd Tennessee I June 23 1864 NPS M231 Roll 42
Taylor, James W Private 3rd Florida D May 6 1864 NPS M225 Roll 8
Terrell, Fleming B Corporal 47th Georgia H March 9 1864 NPS M226 Roll 60
Tharp, David C Private 9th Tennessee F May 7 1864 NPS M231 Roll 43
Thompson, William B Private 54th Alabama G May 6 1864 NPS M374 Roll 55
Wallace, Augustsus Private 42nd Georgia F April, 7 1864 LHR Newton County Newton Rifles
Wallace, John Corporal 51st Tennessee F April 24 1864 NPS M231 Roll 45
Waller, John B Private 5th Georgia E May 1 1864 NPS M226 Roll 63 See also 25 Batt'n. Ga. Inf. (Provost Guard)
Welch, Miles G Private 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry F February 12 1864 LHR Putnam and Other Counties in Georgia Died in Erwin Hospital of Jaundice
UNKNOWN Private 34th Mississippi E June 23 1864
Confederates died Later
Bailey, Jason Thompson Private 1st Regiment Georgia Cavalry I August 3 1903 Born Nov 7, 1837
Barrett Eli Private 10th Battalion Georgia Cavalry E May 4 1897 Born December 1 1826
Burrough Lee Roy Private 19th Georgia Infantry K September 03 1907
Burroughs Henry Private 19th Georgia Infantry K 1898 1845 Mason
Chaffin, George Washington Private 9th Georgia Infantry C May 30 1935 Born Nov 30, 1842
Chandler, Sterling Simeon Private 16th Regiment, Georgia Infantry A October 26 1863 Cobbs Brigade McLaws Division Army of Northern Virginia May 10, 1834
Cloud Andrew Jackson Private 45th Georgia Infantry K March 26, 1896
Coleman, James Private 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry D May 1898 Bartow County, Georgia
Copeland John B Sargeant 27th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G November 27, 1891 September 15, 1835
Couch Thomas R Private 10th Battalion Cavalry 1873 born 1825
Davidson, John Mitchell Lieutenant 39th North Carolina Infantry C January 17 1917 Born October 21, 1829
Dagnall Elbert
Dent George Athens Reserves Georgia Infantry 1872 1804
Eubanks, Jospeh Private 1st Regiment Georgia Reseves H April 22 1889 Born May 10, 1825 NPS M226 ROLL 20
Edmond H Adcock Private 5th, Georgia Cavalry C October 20 1920 May 2, 1836 Walton County, Georgia
Franks Joshua A Corporal 1st Regiment Georgia Cavalry G December 6 1873 Born February 26, 1832
Gaines James B Private 18th Georgia Regiment Infantry F December 23 1898 Born August 26, 1840
Goodwin John D Private 1st Georgia Infantry E
Green James W Private 42nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry D October 16 1916 Born March 18, 1829
Griffin William CSA
Hardin, John Forsyth Captain 18th, Georgia Regiment Infantry F August 3 1887 B October 9, 1842
Hargis James Francis Private 1st Georgia Infantry I January 14 1925 Born May 26, 1847 NPS M226 ROLL 26
Hargis Thomas Van Burren Private 1st Company C, 10th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry C February 24, 1896 Born March 28 1836
McDaniel, John Private C 1907 Born June 1833 South Carolina
Means Charlie B
McVay, John H A 3rd Corporal/SGT 3rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry C 1909 LHR Fulton County Georgia Lewis and Phillips Guards Orginally County Line Guards Born Nov 19, 1824
Milam William P Private 60th Regiment, Georgia Infantry H January 8, 1863 LHR Bartow County, Georgia died of Measles in Lynchburg Va Hosp Jan 8, 1863 Burried in Euharlee Presby Terian Hospital Born Feb 28, 1844
Morton James Franklin Captain 65th Regiment, Georgia Infantry D November 27 1912 October 3 1830
Parris Robert Lee Private 39th Regiment, Georgia Infantry G January 29 1864 Born 1825 South Carolina
Rainey William W Captain 2nd Georgia Cavalry H December 8 1910 Born June 1 1833
Reid James A Corporal 8th Georgia Infantry A Unknown
Rollins James Dekalb
Roper, Joel Cole Captain 18th Regiment, Georgia Infantry F May 14, 1872 Born August 14 1828
Seay, Sanford, Griffin Private 6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry B LHR Dade County Georgia Lookout Dragoons Born in South Carolina Sept 28, 1863
Sheats Archibald Y Captain 40th Regiment, Georgia Infantry i July 26 1909 Born Decmber 9 1830 private March 4, 1862. Elected Captain April 22, 1862. Resigned December 23, 1862.
Sheats Samuel V Captain 19th Regiment, Georgia Infantry 1878 born 1845 M226 ROLL 54
Sheats Thomas R Captain
9th Battalion Georgia Cavalry, State Guards
F November 02 1903 Breckenridge Cavalry NPS M226 ROLL 54 Phillips BN Cavalry
Smith Robert H Private Baldwins Company Unknown
Stockman, John Private 44th Regiment Infantry B November 6 1909 Born October 3 1827
Tippin, William W Private 41th Regiment, Georgia Infantry K May 1863 LHR Campbell County Guards, Campbell Salt Springs Guards Died from pnuemonia Established First Confederate Hospital in kingston on Aug, 1861
Tippin Newton Augustus CSA Hospital Corps 1871 Ocotber 20 1833