The Georgia in the Civil War Message Board

Transcribed records

Kingston Ga.August 21st 1863
Dr Stewart
Dear Sir,
I returned Bass to duty to day by order of Genl Bragg. Col. Palmers will show you other papers. I fear his health has not sufficiently recovered for duty in the field. This improvement has been ma?? since he has been here. That has been the subject of Di?? for more than two years. He has also several functional disturbance of the heart produced by ??ty recently he has been much better. I need him very much in my office. He has been my only clerk, since I have been here. I find none here that will answer the purpose and I would not like to risk a stranger, because of the responsibility, where so much money has to pass through the office.
Will you please put some plan on foot by which he can be returned here. He is quite anxious to go to the Regiment, and but for my fears of his health I would willingly forego all other inconviencies.
B. N. Arnent