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The story is starting to make a little more sense. The name of the man who took custody of the cannon was Eric Rolle and lives in Lumpkin County, Georgia around the Dahlonega area. The cannon was left on a trailer which had a flat tire. The trailer had been sitting on the shoulder for days. When Eric pulled up and then the police officer arrived the officer told Eric if he wanted the trailer and the cannon to take it. The trailer was illegal and did not have tags. Eric believes whoever had the trailer probably was going to sell the cannon for scrap metal which may have been worth about $7,000.00. Eric said the cannon was a 10" Rodman Columbiad and had been used on a track or a rail. There is a photograph of it at Fort Donelson on Wikapedia. Eric Rolle has a photograph of it on Face Book but I'm not on Face Book. But I did see the trailer and the cannon by someone else who has Face Book. It looked in poor condition and perhaps buried in the dirt. Where it came from is any bodies guess.

BTW the trailer with the cannon on it on the shoulder of the road was found in Burgess, South Carolina and not in Georgia. Burgess is located in Horry County which Myrtle Beach is located. I thought I saw something in the not too distant past about some cannons being found in the Pee Dee River which is fairly close by. Eric said he could have received .45 cents a pound for the scrap metal amounting to about $7,000.00 dollars but realized the historical importance and sold it to a man from Arkansas for $5,000.00 as he restored civil war cannons. Eric did state the letters C. S. S. were located on the cannon and I take that as Confederate States Ship.

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