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Thomas L Smith

I've put this post in the Arkansas Message Board.
Maybe someone of the family are looking for
Thomas L. Smith or T. L. Smith the L. stand for Lee.

T L Smith and his family was living in Ringgold Catoosa County, Georgia.
His real name was Thomas Lee. His family was in the 1860
census. He went by T. L. was born in Bradley County, Tennessee
born in 1830. He died in LaGrange Arkansas, Lee County, in 1869.
No Marker there for him but his wife has a marker her name
Louisa Agnes Cotter Smith born:1831 : died:1888.
There are several other Civil War graves there also they had a
tornado few years back destroyed some marker was broken
couldn't find his. The cemetery is an active cemetery.
Also he had two brothers maybe was in war their names
John E. was the oldest brother and Henry the youngest. Maybe
all the brothers enlist together.

Louisa Agnes Cotter Smith father name was : William Jasper Cotter
Methodist Circuit Rider Clergy. He wrote his Autobiography.