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Dr. Massey,

In his recently published book "Hurrah For Georgia ! - The History of the 38th Georgia Regiment" (A15 Publishing), author D. Gary Nichols has the following stats for Cedar Creek, Va., October 19, 1864:

On pp.201-202, the author has a tally of 25 total casualties incurred 10/19/1864, names gathered from various sources.

On p.200 he includes a copy of the 38th GA casualty list as published in the 11/1/1864 Macon Telegraph, listing the names of 16. A brief report of the 38th GA indicated that only half the regiment was actively engaged; and the other half was on picket duty the the night before, then deployed as skirmishers on the right to protect the flank of the army.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Greg C. White

author, "A History of the 31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry" (Butternut And Blue, Baltimore, 1997)

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