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Hello, Patrick. Just now found your message seeking information about Christopher Hogan, who was my great-grandfather. He was the son of William Hogan, founder of Hogansville, Georgia. Christopher was born in Troup County, Georgia, on April 13, 1841. He left Hogansville shortly after his father's death and the Civil War commenced. We understand he joined the Union Army, the 11th Kentucky Cavalry, Company C, and served the duration of the war, being captured and escaping in early 1864 in East Tennessee. His war-years record is scanty, and we are hoping to flesh it out fully. He married Eliza French on December 13, 1867, and they settled in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, until Christopher's death in 1914 and Eliza's death in 1920. One of their children was Edgar (Ed) Hogan, born in 1881, who was my grandfather. He married Annabelle Martin in 1907, and their only surviving child was my mother, Edna Louise Hogan, born August 14, 1913, in Pine Bluff. Annabelle died in 1915, and Ed died in a construction accident in Santa Ana, California, in 1922. Since my mother was a toddler when her mother died and she was only nine when her father died, we have struggled to put the family history together. Of particular interest to us are the circumstances/motivations behind and the story of Christopher's leaving his home and family in Hogansville and his enlistment in the Union Army. We have seen Troup County tax records showing that of the 100 slaves owned by William Hogan in the years preceding the war, one of them ended up on the tax roll under Christopher's name after William, his father, died. We can find no record of what happened. So...therein lies the mystery. My mother, Louise as she went by, died in 2002. I am Martin Sloan (Marty) Hall, born in Santa Barbara, California, in 1951, and now am retired and living in Eugene, Oregon. My telephone is 541.954.3113, my home is at 1810 Tabor Street, Eugene, OR 97401, and my email address is It will be my pleasure to further this discussion with you and hear your story. Thank you. The image linked below is of Ed Hogan, my grandfather, taken in his thirties.

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