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According to the book Units Of The Confederate States Army by Joseph H. Crute Jr. under the 9th Cavalry Regiment listing it says See Cobb's Georgia Legion.


Company Unit Name County Commander

Pierce Manning B. Young
Gilbert J. Wright

Company A
Richmond Hussars, Company A
Thomas P. Stovall
J. J. Thompson
Thomas B. Archer

Company B
Fulton Dragoons, Company A
Zachariah Armistead Rice
Benjamin Cudworth Yancey
Oliver H. P. Juhan
John H. Burr

Company C
Georgia Troopers, Company A / Deloney's Troopers



William G. Deloney
Thomas C. Williams

Company D
Dougherty Hussars
W. J. Lawton
Gilbert J. Wright
C. H. Camfield
Samuel D. Bostwick

Company E*
Roswell Troopers

William C. Dial
Barrington S. King

Company F*
Grubb's Hussars
Malcolm D. Jones
R. Bill Roberts

Company G*
Fulton Dragoons, Company B
William M. Williams
Joel C. Barnett

Company H*
Georgia Troopers, Company B
Capt. Jeremiah E. Ritch (from the start of the war until 9 Jun 1863)

1st Lt. Isham H. Pittard (from 9 Jun 1863 until 21 Feb 1864)

2nd Lt. Thomas J. Dunnahoo (from 21 Feb 1864 until 12 Apr 1865)

2nd Lt. Alexander F. Dent (from 12 Apr 1865 until the end of the war - 26 Apr 1865)

Company I*
Richmond Hussars, Company B

J. Jefferson Thomas
William B. Young
William Duke

Company K* (1)
Richmond Dragoons
F. Edgeworth Eve
J. J. Floyd (Captain)

Company L*

Alpheus M. Rogers


*Added after the formation of the Legion.

(1) Special Orders #161, Adjutant and Inspector Generalís Office (July 11, 1864) transferred this company to Phillips Legion (Georgia), Cavalry.

(Entries in italics are questionable)



Army of the Peninsula (September-October 1861)
Unattached, Department of the Peninsula (October-November 1861)

McLaws' Division, Department of the Peninsula (January-April 1862)

Cobb's Brigade, McLaws' Division, Magruder's Command, Department of Northern Virginia (April-May 1862)

Cavalry Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia (May-July 1862)

Hampton's Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia (July 1862-September 1863)

Butler's-Young Brigade, Hampton's-Butler's Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (September 1863-January 1865)

Young's Brigade, Butler's Division, Hampton's Cavalry Command (January-April 1865)

Logan's Brigade, Butler's Division, Hampton's Cavalry Command, Army of Tennessee (April 1865)

(Excerpted from the Compendium of the Confederate Armies: South Carolina and Georgia, by Stewart Sifakis, published by Facts on File [out of print])



Yorktown Siege, Virginia (4/62)
Seven Days Battles, Virginia (6/25/62 - 7/1/62)
Harrison's Landing, Virginia (8/2/62 - 8/8/62)
Middletown, Maryland (9/13/62)
South Mountain, Maryland (9/14/62)
Antietam, Maryland (9/17/62)
Barbee's Crossroads, Virginia (11/5/62)
Dumfries, Virginia (12/12/62)
Fredericksburg, Virginia (12/13/62)
Occoquan, Virginia (12/19/62)
Dumfries and Fairfax Station, Virginia (12/27/62 - 12/29/62)
Brandy Station, Virginia (6/9/63)
Upperville, Virginia (6/21/63)
Hanover, Pennsylvania (6/30/63)
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (7/1/63 - 7/3/63)
Hunterstown, Pennsylvania (7/2/63)
Bristoe Campaign, Virginia (10/63)
Mine Run Campaign, Virginia (11/63 - 12/63)
Wilderness, Virginia (5/5/64 - 5/6/64)
Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia (5/8/64 - 5/21/64)
North Anna, Virginia (5/23/64 - 5/26/64)
Petersburg Siege, Virginia (6/1/64 - 4/1/65)
Cold Harbor, Virginia (6/1/64 - 6/3/64)
Williamsburg Road, Virginia (10/27/64)
Carolinas Campaign (2/65 - 4/30/65)
Bentonville, North Carolina (3/19/65 - 3/21/65)
(Excerpted from the Compendium of the Confederate Armies: South Carolina and Georgia, by Stewart Sifakis, published by Facts on File [out of print])



Sketch of Cobb Legion Cavalry and Some Incidents and Scenes Remembered: (Wiley C.Howard) (Documenting the American South, Beginnings to 1920., University of North Carolina)

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