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This is very interesting. I am also looking for a James M. Hendricks who was a militia Captain, but the spelling is not the same, and this James Hendricks died in Athens, Alabama in 1894. Captain Hendricks was captured by Yankees (along with his father Lindsey Hendricks and my GG Grandfather George Kelley) at Cassville, on Nov. 9, 1864. An account of his capture is in the OR (I have attached a link below). Hendricks had apparently taken some of Sherman's guard prisoner and Sherman ordered Lt. Col. Morgan to go out and take some civilians hostage for the return of the Hostages.

Funny because so much of the account is similar to what is related in the OR (that he was a private and was "recently promoted to Captain"). This James also had a brother William H. Hendricks.

I have been searching for Captain Hendricks to try to find any living relatives that might have diaries or recollections of his stories.

Interested to hear more, please email me if you think we are talking about the same person.

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