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3rd Annual Nashville (TN) CW Conference

Dear fellow Civil War history enthusiasts,

Please find below the notice of the upcoming Third Annual Nashville Civil War Conference hosted by Travallers Rest Plantation and Museum. As I am helping them promote this event, please disseminate the information to your memberships via your upcoming newsletters if you have them. You can simply cut and paste what I have below and insert it into the newsletter. This is a fine program and the price is certainly right!

Thank you for your support and I hope to see many of your members at the conference.


Greg Biggs
President, Clarksville (TN) CWRT

***Third Annual Nashville Area Civil War Conference - March 10, 2007***

Travellers Rest Plantation and Museum will host the Third Annual Nashville Civil War Conference on Saturday, March 10, 2007. The all day affair will begin at 9 AM and end at 4 PM. A lunch is included with the conference fee of $38 - which is wonderfully reasonable! All events will be held onsite and a tour of the ante-bellum home is also included.

The theme is Cavalry Operations of the Western Theater and speakers include:

- Eric Wittenberg, noted cavalry author/historian - "Union Cavalry in the West;"

- Myers Brown, Tennessee State Museum and former director of the Joe Wheeler Home in Alabama - "Joe Wheeler and Confederate Cavalry in the West."

- Brian Wills, author/historian and biographer of Nathan Bedford Forrest - "Nathan Bedford Forrest"

- Greg Biggs - Clarksville CWRT and author/historian, - "Turning The Tide: The Union Cavalry At the Battle of Shelbyville."

An afternoon panel discussion concludes the day.

For an online registration form please visit and you can either mail in your fee or do it by credit card. The site also has more details and directions.