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Special Project: Hood's TN Campaign

I am posting this message for Tim Burgess. The ad for this project has been running for the last couple of weeks in the upper right corner of the message index page, but Mr. Burgess tells me he hasn't heard from any of our message board contributors. If you can help Tim Burgess with his project below, please contact him through this message or at the email address below. Jim Martin


Civil War Historian/Author Seeks Information
About Confederate Soldiers Who Died During
Hood's Middle Tennessee Campaign in 1864


For twenty-two years, Tim Burgess of Hendersonville, Tennessee, has been collecting information about Confederate soldiers (infantry, cavalry, artillery) who died during Hood's invasion of Middle Tennessee. Initially, Burgess began to identify and compile a list of names of the estimated 525 Confederates that died during or after the Battle of Franklin on Nov. 30, 1864 and were buried in unmarked graves at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery in Franklin. However, Burgess later decided he wanted to learn more about all the soldiers (unknown and known) who died during Hood's Tennessee Campaign. Over the years he has located and corresponded with many of the dead soldiers' descendants and collected biographical information from old letters, diaries, photographs, military service records, written accounts from survivors of the war, and various other sources. Since Burgess began his research, he has collected information related to 1,530 soldiers and plans to eventually write a book about them.

He would like to hear from anyone on the History-Sites.Com message boards who may have information related to this formidable project. Burgess will help regimental researchers up-date their rosters and also, when possible, help other researchers confirm an ancestor's burial site and e-mail a color photo of the site, if requested. Those who want to correspond with Burgess may use the following e-mail address: