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Oliver Hospital-LaGrange Cemetery

Richard, I just spent the afternoon in LaGrange walking thru the old city cemetery, looking and hoping to find your relative. Sorry no luck yet. If you remember from a previous post, I thought the old cemetery went all the way back to the railroad tracks. well over the years I guess I just did not remember how it was laid out. The old alley with all the old buildings are gone, no signs of the alley, it was right about where Golden Corrals kitchen is now, and the railroad track well it is long gone to, there is a feed store where it used to cross thru at. it has been probably 40 years since i went back in that area, and it is all so different. I did find several confederate graves in the old cemetery, but very few and they are all scattered and in family plots, so I guess my idea of the hospital being in that section was incorrect. Although one find was very interesting to me, If you read my post about the 87th and Capt. Boykin, well I did find his grave,which is interesting in itself, cause they lived so far from town, it is strange that he is buried in town, and not around the area where they lived. (so back to some research on that) But don't give up yet, there are several more places in town that could be the final resting place of your relative and alot more that died in the area. I will keep looking, and will get in touch with the area SCV and UDC to see if they have any information. I will keep you posted, tom