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Gary, how can I thank you enough! This is just what I was looking for. You guys who help with this CW Message Board are tops in my book. Next time, I will know where to look.

FYI - George Washington Shaw was the uncle of Martin Van Buren Shaw and his brother, James Madison Shaw. I do not know how Polk M. Shaw fits in, but I expect a check of the census records will reveal this. George Washington Shaw became a mayor of Troup, Texas in later years, and M. V. Shaw, a Mason, lived on the Cherokee Co. side of Troup, of which boundary is split between Cherokee Co., TX and Smith County, TX. Both died while living there.

M. V. Shaw, according to the military record I ordered,was captured and taken to the Rock Island prison for Confederates in Illinois.

Ultimately, he became one of the 6,000 who accepted Lincoln's call for recruits to join the U. S. Army, and was sent west in late 1864. Who could blame him in wanting to get out of that terrible prison where the monthly death rate was extremely high due to lack of food, medical care, warm clothing and awful living conditions? Who's to say that many of us might have jumped at the chance had we been in his situation? Thanks so much for your help!

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