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2nd GA. Battn. Colored Fifer

I was going through some newspapers and found the story on this colored man who was a fifer with the 2nd GA. Battalion and appears to have been a fifer for GA. for 37 years. Has anyone heard of this man before?

DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], July 30, 1862, p. 3, c. 3

From the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph, July 29.
A Faithful Negro.

Camp Lee, Near Petersburg, Va.,}

July 22d, 1862. }

The following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted by the Macon Volunteers on the eve of the departure for home of old Charles Benger, the historic fifer of the 2d Geo. Battalion.

It has been fitly and aptly said that war has its beauties as well as its horrors. In truth the grim visaged monster does not always wear his blood stained garments. No where do these triune virtues, Truth, Fidelity and Devotion, appear in such resplendent coloring. And it is a source of infinite pleasure to record that in the person and character of “Old Charley, the fifer,” these cardinal virtues have been portrayed and exemplified in a most attractive form.

His connection with the Macon Volunteers dates back beyond the memory of most of those who now fill its ranks, and all have learned to respect and love the faithful old fifer, despite his dark skin and humble position.

This time honored corps have marched to the ear piercing notes of his well worn fife for 37 long years. Whether in the everglades of Florida , or whether in times of peace we were preparing for war by drills and parades in the streets of our native city, old Charley has been found at his post. His music has given increased zest to hours of festivity, and during the gloom of these latter days, has cheered the monotony of camp life—the fatigues of long, weary marches—and the countless privations of actual service. Sadly shall we miss his inspiriting strains, and who so tenderly will wail forth the last sad requiem of our departed ones.

Yet, now old age comes creeping on, and our Veteran Minstrel must leave; and it is with pain that we bid farewell to his benignant countenance, the equanimity of which was never disturbed by the depressing influences of camp life, heat, cold, fatigue, or short rations. Therefore,

Resolved, That in parting with this “Historic Old Fifer” we part with a faithful old soldier and a devoted old friend. We cannot do less than commend him to the kindness and attention of all who love our cause and appreciate worth.

Capt. Geo. S. Jones, Ch’n.


Soldier’s Discharge—To All Whom It May Concern.

Know Ye, That Charles Benger, a colored Musician of Captain Geo. S. Jones’ company, Macon Volunteers, 2nd Ga. Battalion, who was enlisted the 1st day of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, to serve one year, is hereby honorably discharged from the Army of the Confederate States. Charlie is a patriotic and faithful negro, and deserves good treatment at the hands of any and every Southerner.

Said Charles Benger was born in Camden county, in the State of Georgia, is 68 years of age, 5 feet, 11 inches high, black complexion, black eyes, grey hair, and by occupation when enlisted, a fifer.

Given at Petersburg, Va., this 22d day of July, 1862.

Geo. S. Jones,

Capt. & A. Qr. M. I. C. S.

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