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General PMB Young Marker dedication

Monument to Confederate general from Bartow to be dedicated Aug. 18
Marie Nesmith
Features Editor
Published August 11, 2007 10:42 PM CDT

Known for being the youngest general to serve in the Civil War, Pierce Manning Butler Young's military and political highlights will be explored during a monument dedication held in his honor Saturday, Aug. 18.

"He became the youngest general of either army during the war, which is definitely an accomplishment," Cartersville historian J.B. Tate said, referring to points he will cover in his speech about Young, who lived from Nov. 15, 1836 to July 6, 1896. "It also is unusual that when you have 159 counties to have a county provide two generals in a major war like that.

"A lot of people earn their claim to fame from just one event, like the Civil War. However, he became the first Southern [person] elected to Congress after the war. Then, later in life he was appointed to be a minister to Guatemala and Honduras. Any of these things would have been considered an accomplishment. He crammed in an awful lot into his life," he said, adding another interesting fact about Young's legacy is that his ancestors still reside in his childhood estate, Walnut Grove Plantation, in Bartow County.

In addition to Jones' speech, the public ceremony at Oak Hill Cemetery in Cartersville also will consist of re-enactors from the 52nd Georgia Infantry, 12th Georgia Artillery, Howell's Battery, Pulaski Artillery and the Gilmer Light Guards Camp SCV. Community and state leaders, like U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey, also are expected to be in attendance.

For more information about the Young ceremony or the Stiles-Akin Camp No. 670, call Black at 770-655-9288.

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