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Dalton Executions

Greetings! I am currently working on a book about the 58th North Carolina Troops, a part of the Army of Tennessee. In May 1864, fourteen men, mostly from the 58th NCT, were executed for desertion. The location was near Dalton, off Crow Valley Road.

Back, at least fifteen years ago, I was at the reenactment at Reseca, Georgia, and a gentlemen I met there knew of the executions, and he even knew where the site was. He was taking some folks over there.

Unfortunately, I did not go, and little realized at the time that one day I would write a book about the regiment in which these men served.

Is anyone aware of the site and can give me directions, or put me in contact with the land owners? I live in western North Carolina, and will be visiting the north Georgia area over the upcoming weekend.

Thanks for all of the help. Sorry if you receive this message more than once. I am going to cross-post the message to a couple of different lists.

Michael C. Hardy