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Ga. graves-Hampton Nat'l.Cem.,Hampton,Va.

For those who may be interested,the following Ga. soldiers are listed as buried at Hampton Nat'l. Cem. per website. Some names may be "garbled". All probably died as POW.

Everson,G.R.-Co.F,38th Ga. d. 7/5/1865
Gersier,William-Richardson's Battery(Ga.?) d. 8/8/1864
Guinnes,W.W.-Co.D,14th Ga. d. 6/21/1862
Hart,H.W.-Co.C,1st Ga. d. 5/3/1865
Joiner,J.F.-Corp.,Co.H,28th Ga. d. 10/10/1864
Martin,J.-Co.B,18th Ga. d. 10/28/1864
Matthews,G.B.-Co.I,15th Ga. d. 11/3/1864
Morris,J.H.-Co.D,20th Ga. d. 7/9/1865
Ogbern,J.-Co.F,3rd Ga. d. 5/22/1865
Parris,W.-Co.B,13th Ga. d. 6/24/1865
Peadrick,J.S.-Co.E,1st Ga.Reserves d. 5/9/1865
Robbins,H.A.-Phillips Legion d. 7/14/1865
Rogers,D.F.-Co.I,49th Ga. d. 4/22/1865
Rolin,W.S.-Co.A,24th Ga. d. 6/28/1865
Smith,C.R.-Co.C,11th Ga. no death date
Todd,J.M.-7th Ga. d. 6/24/1864
Whitworth,Richard A.-Co.E,64th Ga. d. 9/7/1864
Williams,J.M.-Co.C,5th Ga. d. 8/4/1862