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Georgians Buried Columbia, S.C.

The following men who are identified by their tombstones as having served in Georgia units, are buried in Columbia, S.C.:

In Confederate Section, Elmwood Cemetery:
D. R. Hollis, 12 Ga
W. B. McDonald, B/5 Ga
J. H. Brooks, D/10 Ga
Thos. Scarboro, H/32 Ga
C. M. R., 32 Ga
Joseph Burns, F/38 Ga
F. P. Killebren [Killebrew?], A/Cobb Guards
W. Thompson, I/6 Ga

In Elmwood Cemetery:
William Wallace Lumpkin, b. Oglethorpe [County], Ga. 1849; d. Columbia 1910; "A Soldier of the Confederacy" He is identified by the UDC as having served with D/3 Ga Regiment (undoubtedly reserves or state troops)

Sheppard S. Rahn, Ph.D, D. D.; b. Effingham County 14 Feb 1845; d. Jacksonville, Fla 1 July 1911; Lutheran mInister 1874-1911; undoubtedly pastor at Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Columbia; served with 5 Ga Cav

In Trinity Epsicopal Churchyard:
Charles D. Marshall, D/63 GA

Doubtless unit designators such as "Cavalry," "Reserves," "Militia," or the like, were omitted from the VA-supplied markers in the Confederate Section.