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Private: R. G. Grogan
Company G, Chattooga County “Chattooga Cavalry”
6TH Battalion Georgia Cavalry, State Guards
Lieut. Col. Augustus B. Culberson or Culverson

This battalion was organized in August 1863, for six months to serve as local defense.
Sgt. Richard G. Grogan: 3rd Sergeant - March 4, 1862. Pension records show he was wounded accidentally,: ”Index finger and third finger of left hand cut off" at Powell's Valley, Tennessee, May 15, 1862. Appointed 1st Sergeant November 1864. Surrendered at High Point, North Carolina April 26, 1865. (Born in Georgia December 5, 1844.)

Company I, Dawson County
52ND Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Sgt. Richard W. Grogan: 2nd Sergeant - October 6, 1861. Absent without leave and reduced to ranks July 20, 1862. Captured at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 3, 1863. Took oath of allegiance to U. S. Government at Point Lookout, Maryland and enlisted in U. S. service January 24, 1864.

Company G, Jefferson County “Battey Guards”
other sources put him in:
Company B, Milton County "Milton Guards"
38TH Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, “Wright’s Legion”
Private: R. M. Grogan
Company B, Muscogee County “Jackson Avengers”
37TH Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry

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