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25th GA, 38th GA, 60th GA

I have an ancestor, William Wilson (W. W.) Kirkland, born 1830 in Henry Co., AL, who enlisted May 2, 1862 in Franklin, AL (across river from Ft. Gaines, GA). I've seen sources which stated he joined Irwin's Invincibles, who after serving as an independent company in West Virginia (White Sulfur Springs) during the winter of 1861-62, was ordered to Savannah in Jan. 1862 and transferred to the 25th GA INF. as 3rd Co. E or 2nd Co. K. This same company was later transferred to the 38th GA INF as 2nd Co. I, then later to 60th GA INF as 2nd Co. A, and finally to the 61st AL INF as Co. K.

I've found William W. listed on the rolls of the 38th GA, 60th GA, and 61st, AL, but not the 25th GA. His brother in law, James Whiddon is on the rolls of the 25th GA.

I'd like to know when and where each of these transfers took place. This would help me get an idea of which actions he was involved. I'd also like to know if William ever served with the 25th GA.


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