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Thanks to everyone who sent me information regarding my ancestor. All of it has been most helpful. I need to clear up one thing, I was using the word "breech" loosely, when I posted the thread. I have been over a mountain of doumentation so far, and I think my brain kinda went fuzzy on me. Thanks to everyone who corrected me on this. I can only hope that I will be as kind if someone gets their artillery facts wrong and I see it.

Regarding the Helton vs Hilton phenomena/dilema/error, my brother who lives near the family cemetery in Montgomery County, GA, re-checked the marker, and it clearly reads Hilton. I have also found a document for a Thomas Hilton enlisting in Co K 1st Ga Inf, and I can see how an error of this sort could have been made. I see where whoeever was writing went to put an e after the h, then clearly put an i, which is clearly dotted, next to it. My dad told me, years ago, that the census takers would write a persons name based on what it sounded like. Well, with a southern accent, which I am proud to have, Hilton, and Helton, are not too far apart.

I hope all of you are well.

If anyone has anything further, regarding my ancestor, please contact me.

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