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Re: Battle of Utoy Creek-Individual reports memoir

Mr. Dennis Brook:

Thank you for your previous service to our Country. In addition to my regular duties with the Army I have an additional duty as an Army Historian. I completed training in 2006 and would be glad to assist with your issue on your ancester even from afar.

If you would like to send me an off line message to or I will find the contact for you on my off time for requesting a marker. The State will normally pay for the marker of one of its soldiers for Confederate troops. All US Troops may get a marker paid for by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

A letter of justification will have to be written.

Thank you for your imput. The Battle of Utoy Creek August 1-7 1864 was of significant importance. It was unsuccessfull attempt to break the defenses of Atlanta, and was later minimized for several reasons. This included the fact that the commander of the operation was later the Chief of Staff of the Army and wished to downplay what General Sherman refered to at the time as a ''Total lack of offensive movement by Schofield and the combined XXIII and XIV Corps''

I was able to assist in finding the grave of a Confederate Captain from a Florida Unit in Bates Division who was unidentified for some 145 years. A Grave Marker will be placed upon the site paid by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs once the property owner agrees. I was working on this at the time of my deployment. The soldiers decendants had to sign the request. There are also over a hundred unaccounted for soldiers from both the XXIII and XIV Corps who never were located for burial a the National Cemetery in Marietta after the Civil War.

I hope this helps. Greetings from Basra, Iraq. I had the pleasure to meet in person the Prime Minister of the UK yesterday the Honorable Mr. Gordon Brown at the Headquarters of the 3rd UK Division where I am assigned.


XVIII Corps (ABN),
LNO to MND-C (3rd UK DIV)
Basra Iraq
APO, AE 09342

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