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This is all I really know about the Infantry that you are seeking. My uncle is trying to find out some information on my great great uncle. He has looked up alot of stuff for our genealogy. He might be able to help you find out some information. He has posted some stuff on the genealogy forum pages. If you would like for me to ask him if he know's more about the infantry then you could email me back at Maybe you could get some names off of what I have posted and look them up also. Hope I can help you, even if it's just a little. If you want to look up my uncle, in the genealogy forum tips part, put in the name Johnny L.T.N. Potter.


Bradford J. Potter, Private
Company B, 6 Georgia Infantry
Muster Roll
For Bounty of twelve months’ service,
For dated not stated, 186 .
Roll dated near Richmond
July 17, 1862.
When May 27, 1861
Where Atlanta, Ga.
By whom Maj Elzy [Major Arnold Elzy]
Period the war
Last paid:
By whom Capt. Ely [Captain Robert Ely]
To what time Feb. 28, 186 .
Present or absent Present
Remarks: In hospital at Bigler’s Mill Jan. 5, 1862.
Jan. 1862 — Absent enlisted men accounted for:
Sept. & Oct. 1861 — Sick in camp
Sick furlough to Trenton, Geo. The same extended until able to return
Jan. & Feb. 1863 — Name appears on column of “Names Present” as Bradford J. Potter
March & April 1864 — Absent without leave since 2 Feb. 63

Form No. 124 – A.G.O.
Ed. May 5-15-200,000.
August 9, 1915.
Respectfully returned to the
Commissioner of Pensions,
State of Georgia, Atlanta.
The records show that Bradford Potter
(name also borne as J. Bradford Potter and
Bradford J. Potter but not as Bradfield Potter),
Private, Company B 6th Georgia Infantry,
Confederate States Army, enlisted May 27, 1861.
On roll for March and April 1864,
Last leave since February 2, 1863.
No later record of him has been found.
Signature of
The Adjutant General

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