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The below is an article about the Magruder Brothers of Virginia. The mother was Louise Watson another descendant of the Jacobite James Watson, and well, the article is not quite right since Edward J Magruder lived until 1892. His exploits are documented in "A History of Rome and Floyd County, State of Georgia, United States of America..." which can be found in Google books, but if it is to be believed his wife who he had just married days before marched off to War with him, up into Orange Co where they turned the family home into a hospital.

Col. James Magruder "Gave Six to His Country"
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of 1975

In its "Our Confederate Column" in the Sunday, 19 APR 1908 edition of The Times-Dispatch (Richmond, VA), p. 3, is a submission by H. E. MAGRUDER, Keswick, VA, headlined "Gave Six to His Country."

"Col. James MAGRUDER's, of Fuscatte (Frascati - the home), Orange county, Va., contribution to the Confederate cause, consisted of a son-in-law and five sons.

"Tifanny WARREN, colonel of an infantry regiment, killed before sunrise first day of battle of the Wilderness.

"Edward J. MAGRUDER, colonel of the Eighth Virginia, spent most of his time in hospitals, being seven times wounded--three times seriously, A mine ball wedged between the two bones of his forearm; was never removed; nose shot off and hip paralyzed by a shell, from which he never recovered.

"James W. MAGRUDER, first lieutenant of Albemarle Light Horse, Second Virginia Infantry; killed with STUART at Yellow Tavern.

"J. Hillary MAGRUDER, captain of a Valley cavalry company, while General JONES with a small brigade was retarding a dash of POPE's cavalry on Gordonsville, are (sic, "at?")the battle of Cedar Rub, JONES being out-numbered 10 to 1, and surrounded at Jack's Shop, a few miles from Captain MAGRUDER's home, he volunteered to take a squadron and cut the way out for the brigade. He did so, receiving five wounds, each of which was mortal. Weighing only about 120 pounds, was taken in front of one of his men and laid in the parlor of his home as the brigade passed, closely pursued by the enemy.

"George MAGRUDER was left on the field at Seven Pines as killed, but regained consiousnes during a terrific rain storm in the small hours of the night; pitch dark and no living near. After a long and lingering illness he returned to his company, and saw it melt from 120 to a pitiful score or less, whereupon he became quite depressed, saying he knew his time would soon come. In EARLY's battle of Fisher's Hill his company was reduced to two. He was killed and the other unaccounted for.

"David (MAGRUDER), the youngest, was shot through the lungs on the skirmish line the day preceeding First Bull Run, from which he never recovered, though lingered a contorted cripple until after the war. Each of these soliders was noted for his conspicious daring, and could be implicitly relied on when the stress was greatest, and were worthy descendants of their direct Scotch ancestors, the McGREGGORS."

From the below mention website:

Eighth Georgia Flag Information

At the Appomattox surrender, Lt. Col. Magruder did not surrender the 8th's regimental flag. While other regiments destroyed, cut in souvenir pieces for the men, or surrendered their colors, E. J. Magruder folded the colors and hid them in his boot. He walked away from Appomattox with the colors intact and kept them until 1888 when he gave them to another officer of the 8th Georgia, Col. John Towers. Here is a typescript of the letter that E. J. Magruder sent to John Towers: [thanks to Steven Townsend for the letter].

Maj Edward J. Magruder

Birth: 1835
Death: 1892

Magruder, Edward Jones
Captain of Co A, "Rome Light Guards", later Major and Lt. Col. of the 8th Georgia Infantry

Captain May 18, 1861.
Wounded in left arm at First Manassas, July 21, 1861. Elected Major January 28, 1862;
Lieutenant Colonel December 16, 1862.
Wounded June 21, 1864.
Absent, wounded, October 31, 1864.

born on May 14, 1835.
died on Feb. 26, 1892.
Father- James Magruder; Mother- Louisa Watson.
Married- Florence Fouche, daughter of Simpson Fouche of Rome, Ga. on May 14, 1861.

VMI Record:
Entered VMI- July 23, 1851; Graduated July 4, 1855 standing 10 in a class of 16.
Civil War Record-
Enlisted May 18, 1861 at Rome, Ga. as Captain of Co. A, 8th Ga. Infantry; Unofficial source says he was wounded twice during the First Battle of Manassas; In hospital Jan. 1862 with jaundice; Elected Major Jan. 28, 1862; Wounded in action (in the face and shoulder) at Garrett's Farm; Promoted to Lt. Col. April 30, 1863; Wounded in action (in the arm) June 21, 1864 near Petersburg, Va.; Signed parole May 11, 1865 in Thomasville, Ga. Careers- Teacher before the war and after the war; Farmer; City Marshal of Rome, Ga. 1880-92.
Captain Magruder's officer's sword is located at the Lee Hall Mansion in Newport News, Virginia. The sword was manufactured by McKennie & Co. and is a rare and beautiful example of a Confederate edged weapon.


Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Floyd County
Georgia, USA

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