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Ms. Greenhill,

Below is a bibliography for you and some of the battles and campaigns the regiment fought. George Kaylor was in Company H which was from Whitfield County, Georgia. Be advised there was also an Eli Kaylor in the Company too and he is likely a relative. Do you know where your ancestor was in the 1860 Federal Census because I could not locate him? Where did he settle post-war? I have Kaylor's in my family line from Rhea County, Tennessee.

The 36th Georgia and 39th Georgia were sister regiments in the same brigade throughout the war. The men from Company C, 39th Georgia were also from Whitfield County. The 36th Georgia had five (Companies B, C, G, H, I) of its eleven companies from Whitfield County.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Gerald D. Hodge, Jr.
War Between the States Historian
Historian: 39th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Cumberland Gap (June 17-18, 1862)
Kentucky Campaign (did not fight at Perryville) (October 1862)
Vicksburg Campaign (Includes the battle of Champion Hill) (May-July 1863)
Vicksburg Siege (May-July 1863)
Chattanooga Siege (September-November 1863)
Chattanooga (November 23-25, 1863)
Demonstration on Dalton, Georgia (February 25, 1864)
Battle of Rocky Face Ridge & Dug Gap (7-12 May 1864)
Atlanta Campaign (May-September 1864)
Battle of Resaca (May 14-15, 1864)
Battle of Cassville (May 19, 1864)
Battle of New Hope Church (May 25, 1864)
Battle at Dallas, Georgia (June 14, 1864)
Battle of Kolb's Farm (June 22, 1864)
Battle at Kennesaw Mountain (June 27, 1864)
Battle at Ruff's Mill (July 4, 1863)
Battle of Atlanta (July 22, 1863)
Atlanta Seige (July-Sept 1863)
Battle of Jonesboro (Aug 31 Sept 1, 1864)
Battle of Nashville Dec 15-16, 1864
Carolinas Campaign Feb-April 1865
Battle of Bentonville March 19-21, 1865

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