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Lee's Light Battery
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Lee's Light Battery of Texas Artillery was organized in April-May, 1863, with the detachment of twenty-seven (27) men from Martin's Regiment of Texas Partisans and thirty-seven men from the two regiments of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers.

Roswell W. Lee was appointed captain.
1LT Henry Forrester was transferred from Watie's command and had been Orderly Sgt. of Co. A
1LT J. W. Gregg
2LT William Taylor
2LT Riley Wise
Ord. Sgt. John Reese
Ord. Sgt. Taylor Clark
Ord. Sgt. John R. Vann
Cpl. Thomas W. Selby (detached from Co. E, Martin's Rgt. 5/13/63)

Privates detached from Martin's regiment: ( - from company + date)

Hill, John P.- B 5/
Brown, Jesse - G 5/13
Brown, LeRoy - G 5/13
Fletcher, Stroud H. E - 5/13
Dillard, Edward L. D 5/15
Herrin, Monroe J. - H 5/15
Lincoln, Jessie - H 5/15
Linzy, William D 5/15
Moore, William D 5/15
Morris, Geo. S. - K 5/15
Nelson, R. C. D 5/15
Roberts, A. J. - H 5/15
Roberts, James - H 5/15
Samuel, D 5/15
Taylor, Isaiah D 5/15
Winton, W.A. - H 5/15
Baker, Riley J. G - 5/16
Despain, William M. D 5/16
Duval, Enoch D 5/16
Estell, Sidney - B 5/16
Frieze, James - B 5/16
Gideon, Garland B. - ? 5/16
Allan, David G - 5/18
Barker, W. B. - G 5/18
Cornilus, John A. - D 5/18
Dunn, J. M. D 5/18

Detached from Cherokee Mounted Rifles

Alberty, George W. - Co. I.
Bacon, John
Bacon, Bailey
Baker, Riley J.
Benge, Samuel
Bigby, Thomas
Bledsoe, Alonzo
Brower, James
Campeau, John
Clark, Hilary J.
Cloud, Rider
Crane, William
Crittenden, James
Crofford, Verge - D, 2/CMR
Deadrick, William
Doghead, John
Edward, Cap
Hicks, Charles
Hurd, Richard
Marshall, John
McLaughlin, E. C. - D 4/20
Nitts, Ice
Phillips, William
Polk, John
Proctor, Isaac
Seymour, James
Silk, Lee
Smith, McCoy
Solomon, Ketcher
Taylor, William
Thomas, Peter
Walker, William
Womack, William

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