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The capture in the ORs *PIC*

Below are excerpts from the reports of Lt.Col. Emory and Lt. Averell on the capture of the pursing Texans:

...On the 5th, finding myself followed, I halted, and sent Capt. Sturgis with his company and Lieut. Averell to the rear, to bring into my camp the advance guard of the pursuing forces, which he did happily without having to shed blood. The same day Arbuckle was occupied by a large force of white people from Texas. (See letter of Sergeant Campbell.) [Report No. 11.] the next morning the above-mentioned guard, mostly composed of gentlemen acting under erroneous impressions, retreated its steps, and I followed my course to relieve the command at Cobb, for the safety of which I had reasons to entertain serious apprehensions, and which I had ordered to meet me...

Lieut.-Col. First Cavalry, Cmdg.

...The trains were loaded to their utmost capacity, and on the 4th of May the flag was lowered with military honors, Fort Arbuckle was abandoned, and we marched northward, conducted by the Indian guides Possum and Old Beaver. We were pursued by a body of Texans two or three days, but ceased to be annoyed after the capture of their advance guard of about thirty men by Capt. Sturgis, in which undertaking I accompanied him by permission of Col. Emory. I left Col. Emory's command on the march for Leavenworth at El Dorado, in Kansas, and reached Washington yesterday and endeavored to report at once to you. Finding you engaged with the Secretary of War, I went to his house, but as you were unable to see me I avail myself of this my first opportunity to report.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Second Lieut., Regiment Mounted Riflemen.

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