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Important from Petersburg, Virginia

Dear Friends,

Please take a few minutes to view the following Web Pages. In the spirit of our UCV-GAR veterans who dedicated their battlefield and National Park many years ago, our Northern friends from MA and RI, etc., are trying hard to honor all of our past veterans accomplishments "at Petersburg." Progress is what our veteran historians made when our National Park was dedicated -- "To be "preserved unimpaired" for future generations." Should so called progress today continue to destroy their efforts?

Please feel free to email me should you have any questions or want any detail.

The following updated Web Sites contain information which will help provide the public a graphic awareness to help preclude such things happening again and to enlist support for real progress today. -- as follows:

or (More to come at the Maine site)

What is noteworthy is that this is their write-up and view based on the picture here?

The City of Petersburg's recommendations to the National Park Service have been with the NPS for close to 5 years now. This plan is supported by our city leadership, it's citizens, and significant endorsements. After what we have been through, I believe all the outside support Petersburg has received from all over the country and beyond to be very valuable. Your view and input are very valuable also in support of Petersburg's recommendations, and will make a difference!

As you know, enough advocacy on any issue is sometimes hard to get. This General Management Planning by the National Park Service is important for all of us. Please, contact your representatives in the spirit of our ancestor's struggles and accomplishments, and please send this message to all those you feel are interested and can help preserve it for the future. Heck, send it to everyone!
Thank you.
Ashleigh Moody
Petersburg --
SCV 1813,
N-SSA (40+ yrs),
History Chair, Historic Petersburg Foundation,
Friends of the Petersburg Battlefield, TWBTS, Inc.,
Concerned Citizen