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From typewritten notes in Dr. Foreman's papers (all to the double-dashed line is quoted):

Capt. George "Washington's Squadron" (of Indians- Tribe not identified.)* Also called "Reserve Squadron of Cavalry". was composed of two companies, 'A' and 'B', and commanded by the senior captain.

It was serving about the close of the war in the Command of Col. R. W. Lee, P.A.C.S., on the N.W. Frontier of the Indian Ter.--as shown by an undated List of Officers filed with Miscl. Indian records.

No Rolls or other cardable records found on file. Co. Co. Commd.

Co. A --------Capt. George Washington
Co. B --------Capt. Asapah.

* [handwritten note by OHS archivist Mary Lee Boyle: "G. Washington was a Caddo Indian. P. McClusky was Phil McClusky, white, interpreter & scout."]

[page 2]
Washington's Squadron of Indians, C.S.A.
[Reserve Squadron of Cavalry]
Served in Col. R. W> Lee's Command on Northwest Frontier
of Indian Territory

Company A
Caw-wee wah-now --- 2d Lt.
Washington, Johnson 2d Lt.
George Washington -- Captain
Williams ---1st Lt.

Company B
Asapah ------- ----- Captain
Ese tu et ----- 2dLt.
Boo - e wa - sis - ka 2d Lt.
McClusky, P. ----- 1st Lt.

[page 3]
Washington's Squadron of Indians, C.S.A.

Asapah Captain Co. B
Boo e wa sis ka 2d Lt. Co. B
Caw we wah now 2d Lt. Co. A
Ese tu et 2d Lt. Co. B
McClusky, P. 1st Lt. Co. B
Washington, George Capt. Co. A
Washington, Johnson 2d Lt. Co. A
Williams. 1st Lt. Co. A


[from another file, again quoting typewritten notes, page 1:]

Miscellaneous Indian Records
Papers showing members of two or more organizations on the same record.
1 Roster of Officers of Col. R. W. Lee's Command on N. W. Frontier Indian Ter. not dated, on file.
Investigation shows record was made sometime subsequent to October 7, 64, when Lt. Col. Shecoe was comd. Shows Comsd. Officers of various orgns. in this comand. [sic.] Indian orgns.

[page 5]
Major Broke Arm's 1st Osage Battalion.
The names of F. and S. and Co. Officrs of Cos. "A", "B", "C", are shown on a Roster filed with Miscl. files showing two or more orgus. on same record. No other recors found on file.
Reported as 1st Osage Battn. (See Official Records Union and Confed. Armies. Series 1, Vol. 43, Part 3, page 970.)

F.&S. ---- Major Broke Arm.--Adjt. L. P. Chauteau.
Co. A. --- Capt. A. Captoin.
Co. B. --- Capt. Black Dog.
Co. C. --- Capt. Wah to in jah.

One Roster of Staff and Acting Staff on file dated Feb. 20, 1865.

[page 6]
1st Osage Battalion, C.S.A.

Name Rank
Broke Arm Maj.
Cheauteau L.P. Adjt.

Co. A.
A.Captoin (?) Capt.
No pa Walla 1st Lt.
Sta hach laton 2d Lt.
Wah Kaw chele 2d Lt.

Co. B.
Black Dog Capt.
Neca yar hre (?) 1st Lt.
Wah cho a ma she 2d Lt.
Wahshabewatingo 2d Lt.

Co. C.
Wah to in joh Capt.
No ne char she (?) 1st Lt.
F.A.Lewis 2d Lt.
Wah skon mon ne 2d Lt.

[page 7]
1st Osage Battalion, C.S.A.

Black Dog Capt. B
Broke Arm Maj. Receipt may 28, 1863 at Camp Davis
Captans, A. Capt. A
Cheauteaw, L.P. Adjt.
Lewis, F.A. 2d Lt. C
Ne cah yar hre 1st Lt B
No ne cher she 1st Lt C
No pa walla 1st Lt A
Sta hack laton 2d Lt. A
Wah-Kaw chili 2d Lt. A
Wahshabenatinego 2d Lt B
Wah-skon mon ne 2d Lt C
Wah ti in joh Capt. C
Woh-cho a mo she 2d Lt B


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