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From this information, written by descendants and others, James W. Cooper was NOT the son of D.H. Cooper.

BIOGRAPHY: From letter written by Harriet Cooper Wright, his daughter : James was an architect. He taught school several years after the civil war. He was a member of the "Howards" in 1878, an organization formed to fight the Yellow Fever. Sam Cooper, one of the confederate generals was a cousin. Also states James Cabell Breckinridge was a cousin, however, he was the son of the woman who marrried a cousin (step-cousin).

BIOGRAPHY: YELLOW FEVER, by J. M. Keating, pg. 335, list of those who died or became sick during Yellow Fever epidemic. "J.W. Cooper taken Aug 27th, recovered; picture in Memphis Room, Public Library, Memphis, TN; "Active members of the Howards Association of Memphis, during the Epidemic of 1878.

MISC: From the Public Ledger, November 25, 1878, "J.W. Cooper worked with the Memphis Howards Association, but lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

MILITARY: In Journal, JW reports he enlisted in Hays' Company, Walker Regiment State Troops in May 1861, mustered out in autumn and enlisted and elected 3rd lieutenant Co F, 15th Ark Regiment CSA. Fought at Sugar Creek Feb 1862. "Was severely wounded in Battle of Pea Ridge March 7, 1862, carried home 12 to 15 miles by father. Thence followed the army to Corinth Miss, relieved of duty during retreat to Tupila Miss and returned to Northern Arkansas. Enlisted as a private under Capt Pickens, Brooks Regiment of Infantry and was transfered to Carrolls Cavalry Regiment. Later was elected Captain and reported to General Stand Watie on the North Branch of the Canadian River, attached to Freys Battallion. Fought in Battle of the Barren Fork of Illinois River 1863.

During the last days of Dec 1863 established a camp in the triangular mountain range formed by Kings River, Buffalo River, and Osage Creek and held this base until about the 10th of July 1865. Fought battle 10 April 1864, reported in Volume 34 Part 3 page 121, The Rebellion Record, also Vol 34 Part 1 page 871.

MILITARY: J.W. Cooper reports he was in Fifteenth Ark Infantry, in article 13 Feb. 1886, St. Louis Republican. This regiment was raised in mid-Summer of 1861 by Capt J.H. Hobbs. It went out under Capt. William Thompson. It was organized in a camp near Cross Hollows, in Benton Co AR, served to close of the war, and surrendered at Marshall, TX May, 1865. Was in Battle of Pea Ridge, Benton Co AR, Iuka Springs and Corinth, in MS, Fort Gibson, Baker's Creek, Defense of Vicksburg, during the siege, Prairie De Ann, Marks Mill and Jenkins' Ferry. After the surrender at Vicksburg the regiment went into a parole camp at Washington AR. From History of Benton Co., Goodspeed Pub. Also in History, pg 83, "Capt James Cooper also raised an independent company of cavalry, which served in Northwestern Arkansas." Page 232, lists First Lt William Cooper, and 3rd LT James Cooper as part of Company G, 15th Ark Mounted Infantry. Page 371, lists Maj. J.W. Cooper of Cooper's battalion, Cherokee brigade, Confederate army as one of those who frequently called upon Dr. Jackson at Eureka Springs at the sight of the Southern Hotel. Article states Maj Cooper contracted rheumatis and chronic malarial poison while campaigning in the southwest and visited Dr. Jackson in Feb 1865 with a leave of absence. It became necessary during this visit for them to take refuge in the "rock house". Page 465, states in the summer of 1864 John Carroll, organized a company in Madison Co, AR and this along with two other companies formed in Benton Co, AR was constituted Maj James Cooper's battalions, and were assigned to duty in TX. Capt. Carroll's company was detailed to guard Gen Stand Watie.

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He also attended VMI after the war:

James W. Cooper letter. (MS #0185)
Biographical note: James Washington Cooper, b. 1842, Bedford Co., Tennessee; officer CSA; VMI Class of 1870; d. 1918 Arkansas. Descriptive note: One letter (March 26, 1869) from Cadet James W. Cooper to Commandant Scott Shipp, tendering his resignation as Sergeant of "D" Company. Endorsement on verso by Cadet Captain James L. Ford, Class of 1869.


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